Disney Vacation Club

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Disney Vacation Club Membership from a 3rd party.

We have been Disney Vacation Club members for 6 years now. We’ve enjoyed 6 epic vacations. Some of which included grandparents, siblings, our kids and some have just been us. We’ve never looked back. We are continuously grateful for our membership and the investment we made years ago. Now, when you’re thinking about purchasing a Disney Vacation Club membership you may have come across some 3rd parties who sell Disney Vacation Club timeshares. These companies are legit. These are members looking to unload their membership for any number of reasons. Maybe they bought too big of a package, maybe they experienced a job loss, maybe they just don’t use it as much as they thought. Whatever the reason, they are trying to sell their membership or part of their membership. Some of these sales are a portion of what they originally cost so it is a very good deal in regards to dollar value but by purchasing through one of these 3rd parties you do not receive an official Disney Vacation Club card.

Without an official Disney Vacation Club card you don’t have access to many benefits that come with DVC membership.  Some of these benefits are small and some of these benefits are big. Moonlight Magic events are complimentary nights at the four Disney theme parks and Typhoon Lagoon. Members with Disney Vacation Club cards can register for these events and have access to the parks for hours, receiving free food, special character appearances and one of a kind fireworks. For each holiday DVC puts on a special party for DVC cardholders who purchase tickets. DVC cardholders also receive multiple discounts: discounts at Disney restaurants, discounts at shops, discounted park tickets, discounted annual passes, discounts on special events, the list keeps growing.

When you don’t have a DVC card you do still have the benefit of what DVC is all about. Enjoying vacations for years to come at

the most magical place on earth and beyond. Your points that you purchase with your package, give you the ability to stay at the most exquisite resorts on Walt Disney World property, at Disneyland, and at their multiple properties found at Hilton Head, Vero Beach and Hawaii. If you’re thinking of going the 3rd party route you just have to be aware of the other part of membership that you’re missing out on.

Now, what you could always do is purchase a small DVC package directly from DVC and then purchase another package from a third party.This way you get all the benefits of membership and a cheaper purchase price. DVC sells modest and grand point packages. You can buy a package that only has 100 points and then purchase some more points from one of the resellers. By doing this you can also have a couple of home resorts, giving you more flexibility of where you want to stay. This option is the most middle of the road and may suit your needs perfectly. Either way, it’s certainly something to think about when you are gathering all your information before you make your final purchase. Happy Planning, Friends.