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Why You Should Rebook Your Disney Vacation

Thousands of people have had to cancel upcoming trips to Walt Disney World. These are unprecedented times and therefore unprecedented measures have had to be made. But we have to hold onto the hope of tomorrow. There will be a day in the near future that will be brighter and a new normal will resume. Looking towards that near future, you should be rebooking those vacations you’ve had to cancel. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Money

No matter how much or how little you have, money gets spent. You have more money, you find ways to spend it. You have less money, you find ways to make ends meet. So when you cancel a trip, you get back the money you’ve already put into your vacation. You may have the best of intentions, setting those funds aside to plan another vacation done the road. If you’re not careful that money will quickly get filtered into other areas of need in your life. By rebooking your vacation NOW, the money has gone right back to that vacation you are so wanting to take.

2. Availability

The thousands of people who had to cancel their trips are hoping to go back, just like you. If you wait too long, the availability is going to be slim. Back in 2017, we had to cancel our trip due to Hurricane Irma. This was in September and the earliest we could get back, due to availability, was January. That may not seem like a long time, but for us it was huge. With two young kids, it was almost the difference between having a kid go to the park for free and having to pay for them. The upcoming months are already booked pretty solid, you add the thousands of people looking to rebook their vacation to that there’s going to be limited rooms available. So pick a date and book now, before there is no space in the inn.

3. Economy

The market says it all, things are not looking so hot financially. So give the tourism industry a boost and reinvest what you had to take out. There are so many jobs relying on us travelling. If we don’t put our dollars back where they’ve just come from things will fizzle out. Of course, Disney World is not going anywhere but think of the stroller rental companies, the transportation companies, the cast members. By rebooking your trip now, you’re contributing the economy. Making a promise that you will be back. You will support the businesses that rely on tourism.

4. Change the Conversation

By rebooking your trip you can change the focus in your household. It’s hard to get away from the crisis at hand, but beyond staying put and had washing there’s not much else you can do. So give yourself something else to think about. Rebook that trip and plan out where you’re going to eat, what parks you’re going to visit, which FastPasses you need to book. Create something to look forward beyond the moment at hand.

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