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Why You Should Make Must-Do’s

There are hundreds of things to do at each of the theme parks at Walt Disney World. It can be overwhelming when you are starting to plan out your Disney vacation. That’s why we always make a list of things that a MUST-DO. It narrows down the list. Instead of trying to map up our park day to fit in everything, we focus on the MUST-DO’s for our family. If we get to do more, that’s fantastic, if we don’t that’s fine because we hit the spots we really wanted to. Maybe you’re on the fence about getting so into detail with your planning, you would rather go and wing it. Well, here are four solid reasons why you should create a list of MUST-DO’s for your Disney Vacation. For ideas on how to create this list check out this previous post.


Over the last few years we’ve noticed that despite travelling to Disney World during quiet times of the year it can still be extremely busy. I think the days of minimal crowds are behind us and we need to expect that whenever you are travelling down to Disney there will be crowds of people to contend with. For that reason you can’t assume you’re going to be able to everything, because the crowds just may not allow for that anymore, even if you’re there in early September or January.

Helps Plan Your Day

As mentioned above, there are so many things to do at the parks. By creating a list of things you MUST-DO it really help you plan out your day. Create a list of the things you have to do and then look at the park map. Do your best to plan out your day so that you are making your way around the park instead of zig zagging from one end of the park to the other. Having a list of MUST-DO’s will give you a good blueprint for your day.

Everyone Leaves Happy

Creating a MUST-DO list strikes the conversation between all the members of your party about what they really want to do during the park day. Each person feels heard and has had a chance to share their piece. Everyone’s had input about what the day will look like and each person has something to look forward to. It can also help when you’re all in line to ride Dumbo and your 10 year old does NOT want to be on the ride. You can remind them of what they have chosen and that THIS is something someone else chose.


By having a list of MUST-DO’s, you’ll feel more relaxed. You’ll already have a lay out of the day before you even enter the park. You’ll have a plan to rely on and everyone’s wishes has already been shared so you can relax and enjoy the magical moments that happen throughout the day.

Check out our family’s must do’s from last January’s vacation to get some ideas:

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Happy Planning, Friends.