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Why You Need a Park Times Guide

At any of the 4 Disney Theme Parks there are a variety of stage shows, activities and attractions going on at any given time. The hours of each of these events varies depending on the time of year. Each area of these parks also have varying hours. You can’t depend on each area of the parks to be open from park open to park close. The countries of World Showcase at Disney’s Epcot, for example, operate at a variety of times. Norway opens at 9am whereas China doesn’t open until 11am. So how can you find out when everything is operating? You could spend time looking up each individual event on the My Disney Experience app or you can pick up a times guide when you arrive at the parks.

A times guide has the operation times of all the events going on at any given park each day. The sheets are updated every single week. They can be relied on for accurate information. On these guides are the parks hours, hours for entertainment, hours for character experiences, hours for nighttime entertainment, and hours for stage shows. These time guides also highlight if one of these events has a FastPass+. Which you can always try to add on the day of. Any attraction or experience that is currently down for refurbishment is also on this list. Anything not listed on this sheet is open from park open to park close. If an attraction, stage show or character experience isn’t open for the total park hours it will be indicated on this guide.

These time guides can be found in the lobby of your resort, at the entrance of each park among the park maps, and also from cast members. Specifically custodial cast members, check outs at shops, and food carts.

Times guides are from Sunday to Saturday. The dates they are covering are written in the top left hand corner. If you check in on a Saturday you’ll be given times guides for the week that is just finishing, so make sure to grab a new set of sheets the following day. We made the mistake of not doing this on one of our vacations and ending up thinking DinoLand, U.S.A. was open an hour later than it actually was. So be sure to double check that the dates of your Times Guides correspond with the dates you are there for.

Whenever I’m making our plans for our vacations I check the Disney World website for times of parades, stage shows, character experiences and park hours. But it’s important to confirm this information upon arrival with your Times Guide. That way you can make alterations where needed.

There are so many tools available to you, to make sure your days at Disney are fun filled and stress free. The times guide is one of these tools. For other tools that will help with your vacation days check out these previous posts:

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