Which Disney World Resorts have Pools for Little Kids

When staying at a Walt Disney World resort, you may not have to look any farther than your hotel for a water park experience. Many resorts at Walt Disney World have waterslides and beautiful pools. There are also water play areas that are specifically tailored to the younger visitors, children 48 inches and smaller to be specific. These water play areas are a small water park for your child, with a couple of slides coming from a water covered structure. Your child will be thrilled to spend hours cooling off in a water play area. Not all resorts are home to these revolutionary pool side centres. Take a look at which resorts host one of these fun filled areas.

Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

Polynesian Village Resort

Wilderness Lodge

Fort Wilderness

Saratoga Springs

Port Orleans- French Quarter

Caribbean Beach Resort

Riviera Resort

Special Mentions

I wanted to throw in 3 other resorts on this list. They don’t have the water play area that the other resorts have. With the structure and the water slides, but they do have fun spots for youngsters to play in, get cooled off, without having to get into the adult pool

*Bay Lake Tower*

At Bay Lake Tower, there’s a small splash pad off to the side of the pool. There are several fountains spitting out water from the ground. Creating a fun and safe place for young ones to get cooled off.

*Animal Kingdom Lodge- Kidani Village*

At Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Kidani Village, there’s a playground area directly beside the Samawati Springs Pool. There’s slides and bridges, as well as a huge water bucket and sprayers that can be played with.

*Saratoga Springs- Grandstand Pool*

Saratoga Springs is home to 6 different building areas. Many with their very own pool. The Paddock area is home to the water play area but the Grandstand Pool area also hosts a fun interactive water spot. There are several fountains, horse heads spitting out water and a grandiose sprinkler. It creates a space for young ones to play at this otherwise quiet pool.

Staying at a resort with one of these water play areas alleviates the necessity of visiting one of the water parks. It also creates a space for young ones to play at their level while staying safe. Don’t worry, if you find yourself staying at one of the other resorts, you can simply pool hop over to one of the resorts listed above.

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