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Where to have lunch at Epcot

Epcot is by far the best place to dine at Walt Disney World. With many pavilions hosting two dining choices, the options are truly endless. This gives you so much choice for lunch, which is a great time to dine for a variety of reasons. Take a break from the mid-day heat, leave the evening open to ride the more busy attractions and claim your spot for the nighttime entertainment. There are a couple of restaurants not open from lunch: France’s Monsieur Paul, a signature restaurant and La Hacienda de San Angel in Mexico. Monsieur Paul is certainly a place you should add to your bucket list, it’s one of my 5 favourite meals from our last vacation. Other than that, you have an abundance to choose from. We’re going to separate the restaurants into quick-service, table service and then counter service. The counter service restaurants are places that you can grab a snack style lunch. From there we’ll break them down into the different areas of the park. Take a browse and find the best option for your lunch for your next visit to Epcot.

Want to jump to one of the restaurant categories, simply click here: counter service, quick-service or table service.

Counter Service


Joy of Tea

This little kiosk serves beverages but also egg rolls and curry chicken pockets. Giving you a couple of options for a snack style lunch in the middle of World Showcase. The kiosk opens at 11am.

Future World

Fountain View

Open park open to park close, Fountain View is your Starbucks location at Epcot. So you’ll find your favourite Starbucks lunch options here: bagels, muffins and sandwiches. A good use of a snack credit.

Promenade Refreshments

Grab a quick hot dog at this food kiosk that’s located on your way into the Canadian Pavilion. They also serve kettle chips and a wide variety of beer.

Refreshment Port

Close by Promenade Refreshments, just before entering the Canadian Pavilion, grab a poutine or Cheddar Cheese Soup at the Refreshment Port. There are a few high top tables located close by so you can stop and enjoy your food. These are also snack credits for those on the Dining Plan.


Crepes de Chefs de France

This kiosk is found in the France pavilion near the big bridge taking you over to the United Kingdom. Crepes may not be your traditional lunch but they are certainly raved about and fitting them in for your lunch may be the perfect way to make sure you don’t miss this delectable treat. They are open at 11:30am and serve Chocolate, Strawberry, Sugar and Ice Cream crepes.

Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie

A beautiful spot found way at the back of the France Pavilion. You can order up and then find a table to sit and enjoy. Most of these offerings you’re going to want to sit so you can savour the flavours of these items. They serve 8 different entree items that are either salads, soups or sandwiches. Or choose from one of their many pastries including croissants and frangipane. This beautiful spot is open from park open until park close.



Come and grab a delicious Bratwurst or Frankurter at the Sommerfest kiosk. You’ll find this little spot tucked away at the back of the Germany pavilion. There’s a couple of tables so you can sit and enjoy these German specialities or you can take them and look through the shops found in the Germany pavilion. They also sell jumbo pretzels, cold potato salad and nudel gratin. Sommerfest opens at 11am.


Kabuki Cafe

This kiosk serves sushi as well as shaved iced. They open at 12pm.


Choza de Margarita

This kiosk cart is found just before entering the big building at the Mexico pavilion. It’s open from 11am-9pm and serves Margaritas on ice or frozen. But you can also find tacos, empanadas, guacamole and tostada de pollo. A great lunch on the go.


Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe

This kiosk is open from park open to park close and they serve three sandwich options, a sandwich style bagel and a salad. Or you can choose from one of the many Norwegian treats including a troll horn, egg and leek pastry, kransekake, or school bread. Perfect for grabbing while waiting in the long line for meeting Elsa and Anna.


Found between China and Germany, the outpost has offerings that go along with whatever festival is currently being offered and they also sell hot dogs. Perfect for the guests who want a bite while they peruse the many pavilions.

United Kingdom

Yorkshire County Fish Shop

This counter service spot serves a few different beers but you can also grab some fish and chips. This fish shop opens up at 11:30am and is the perfect spot to grab a filling lunch without taking time out of your Epcot park day.


American Adventure

Liberty Inn

Your American quick-service option in the World Showcase. Here you’ll find a great space to eat inside and outside. You can choose between American standards, such as burgers, chicken nuggets, cobb salad, hot dogs or bbq pork sandwich. A great choice for picky eaters but not the most adventurous. Liberty Inn opens at 11:30am and is a very convenient location to the America Gardens Theatre, home to the many different concert series that are a part of the many festivals at Epcot.


Lotus Blossom Cafe

Open from 11am until park close, Lotus Blossom Cafe is tucked away in the Chinese pavilion making it less busy than some of the more obvious dining choices. Lotus serves fried rice, orange chicken and stir fry. Sweet and Sour chicken is on the kid’s menu. This pavilion is beautiful, grabbing your lunch here will force you to spend time in this well crafted area.

Future World

Electric Umbrella

A classic quick-service restaurant, serving burgers and fries, flatbreads, salads, and chicken nuggets. A small menu but they have many options for those dealing with allergies. They have ample inside seating as well as outdoor seating. Perfect spot to grab a quick bite for lunch. Open from 11am until 9:30pm.


Katsura Grill

This is your quick-service restaurant in Japan, it’s open from 12pm until 9:30pm. They have sushi, noodles and the recommended Osusume.

The Land

Sunshine Seasons

This cafeteria style quick-service restaurant has the most options for meals at Epcot. Found on the main level of the Land pavilion, Sunshine Seasons is open for every meal of the day. The food prepared here is all found in the Land’s very own greenhouses that you can see through Living with the Land. You’ll be able to choose from soups, salads, sandwiches, pork, salmon, chicken and beef. You won’t find burgers and fries here. They also carry a beautiful menu of desserts: creme brûlée, cheesecake, key lime tart and chocolate mousse. This place really takes quick-service to the next level. Keep in mind the soups are considered snack credits for those on the dining plan.


La Cantina de San Angel

This quick service restaurant has you ordering at a window and then you can sit and enjoy your meal on a patio with a great view of the World Showcase. A cool spot to watch the nighttime entertainment. They have a multitude of Mexican cuisine including Polo Cascabel, Tacos Empanadas, Nachos, Ensalada, and more. Open from 10am until 9:30pm.


Tangierine Cafe

Another amazing dining option in Morocco, Tangierine Cafe has a counter you order at and then plentiful tables and high tops for you to sit and enjoy your meal at. On the menu are a few platters: shawarma chicken, shawarma lamb, shawarma chicken and lamb, vegetable, and moroccan kefta. This is a great place to come if you want to eat mediterranean food but your youngsters do not. The kid’s menu has American favourites on it. So everyone walks away happy. You can start enjoying lunch here at 11am.

Table Service


Le Cellier Steakhouse

One of our favourite places to dine at on property, Le Cellier is a signature restaurant that is found in the Canadian Pavilion. Guests will start off with a variety of breads, each highlighting the cuisine of the different areas of Canada. As you’d expect the steaks are the highlight of the menu but there are also scallops, salmon and ratatouille on the menu. Its a dark restaurant, made to look like a Cellar. Even with an advanced reservation you can be waiting a while as this is a meal that you want to sit and relax and enjoy. Making it a great choice for lunch so you don’t rush your meal to make the nighttime entertainment.


Nine Dragons Restaurant

Nine Dragons Restaurant is the Chinese Pavilion’s table service restaurant. This is a great restaurant to dine at out of pocket because the prices are very reasonable. Some of the entrees run $16. You can choose an entree that will give you a variety. Or have the honey-sesame chicken, five-spiced fish, kung pao chicken. There is lots to choose from. The alcohol menu here is vast. With sparkling wine, red wine, white wine, sweet wine, beer, daiquiris, cocktails. You will certainly find a beverage you’ll want to enjoy. Nine Dragons opens at 12pm and serves lunch until 3:25pm. Be aware, the dinner service offers the Family dinner, which gives you an appetizer, an entree and a dessert for one price. This is not offered at lunch time.


Chefs de France

This French restaurant is found in the French Pavilion and is modelled after a bustling french restaurant. With tables close together and windows covering the perimeter, you’ll feel like you’re in Paris. You’ll be served by a server straight from France, and the menu is also all in French so you may need a translation to find the dish you’re looking for. The Appetizer menu is as large as the entree menu. With a French Onion soup, a lobster bisque, charcuterie board, cheese board and escargot, you may just want to load up on appetizers and finish off with dessert. They do offer a prix fix menu if you want to have an appetizer, entree and dessert. Lunch is served here from 12pm until 3pm.


Biergarten Restaurant

This dinner and show buffet is found in the Germany Pavilion. When you walk into this restaurant you’ve entered a German village. With seating on the main level and a few tiers of seating, Biergarten has a buffet featuring Germany’s best as well as some American favourites for smaller guests. They’ve got Schnitzel, Sausages, Frikadellen, Traditional Sausages, and Roasted Salmon. Lunch is from 11:30am-3:10pm.


Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar

Head to this wine bar for a quick lunch. No reservations are required at this spot. You can enjoy pasta dishes, paninis, cheese plates, salads, it all depends on how much you want to eat for lunch. A great last minute choice or a great break from the busyness of the park.

Tutto Italia Ristorante

This beautiful Italian restaurant serves lunch from 11:30am until 3:30pm. Here you’ll find house made pasta, some Italian entree specialities including salmon, rib-eye steak and veal. If you’re looking for a more classic lunch item you can choose from several paninis on the menu. This is a great choice for families because pasta is a staple for many kids. The adults can also enjoy some lovely glasses of wine along with their meal. This spot does not serve pizza, you’ll have to go to the neighbouring Via Napoli for that.

Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria

The place to grab pizza at Epcot. Made just the way you’d find it in Italy. This is a great place to dine if you’re paying out of pocket because you can order pizza for the whole group to share, as long as you can settle on one. For lunch Via Napoli opens at 11:30am. They also offer pasta, lamb chops, steak and chicken breast. So if you have someone who doesn’t LOVE pizza then they’ll have a good choice as well. It’s a loud atmosphere with lots of space for big groups.


Teppan Edo

This table service restaurant not only gives you incredible food but entertainment as well. Sit at the grill while the chef cooks your meal right in front of you. You can choose your rice, your meat, your vegetables and watch as the chef prepares a masterful meal is an entertaining way. Dining here is like an event. Teppan is open from 12pm to 3:45pm for lunch. Make sure to make reservations ahead of time.

Tokyo Dining

Here diners have so much choice. You could choose a Bento box which gives you a bit of everything. Sushi rolls, sashimi, and different tempura are also on the menu. Another great option for Japanese dining, especially if you want to avoid the noise of the louder Teppan Edo. Open for lunch from 12pm-3:45pm.

The Land

Garden Grill Restaurant

One of the most popular restaurants in Epcot, this restaurant hosts a character buffet/family style meal. You’ll meet Chip n Dale and Mickey Mouse here. You’ll be served a bountiful platter with pot roast, turkey, pork, salad, veggies, mac and cheese. You can eat your fill, they’ll keep bringing you back more until you say you’ve had enough. The restaurant slowly rotates giving you a view of the greenhouse found in the Land pavilion. Garden Grill serves lunch from 11:30am until 3pm. Be sure to get this reservation in advanced.


San Angel Inn Restaurante

The Mexican restaurant open for lunch, San Angel Inn is found inside the Mexican pavilion building. While dining here it’s like you’re dining at night by lanterns that light up the sky. You can watch people shop in the market place and watch the boats drive by. Serving lunch from 11:30am until 4pm, guests can choose from a huge menu of tacos, chile, pescado, and large salads. It is a very dark restaurant, but a great choice if your family loves Mexican food. The setting in this venue is fantastic, we love spending time in here, especially during a hot day.


Restaurant Marrakesh

Try some Moroccan cuisine at this table service restaurant. Found at the back of the Morocco pavilion, restaurant marrakesh offers couscous, pork medallions, lamb, and kebabs. While dining here you’ll be entertained by Belly Dancers. You can enjoy lunch here anytime between 11:30am-3:15pm. It’s a great location, placing you in the middle of the pavilions.

Spice Road Table

Morocco’s second table service restaurant is located on the water, making it a great spot to watch the nighttime entertainment. Spice Road Table offers small plates, kind of like appetizers but they are suitable for lunch. You’ve got a hummus and olive plate, hummus fries, brie fondue. All the food is mediterranean. For the entrees you have a few options: steak, a vegetable platter, rack of lamb, lamb sliders, chicken, mix grill skewers, or yellowfin tuna. This restaurant’s options are not as spicy as the other restaurant found in the pavilion. Making it a safe choice for larger groups. Spice Road Table is open for lunch from 11:30am-3:55pm.


Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

A character dining experience with many of your favourite princesses including Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White and Ariel. There have been times that Mary Poppins and Princess Jasmine have made appearances here. Akershus is going to serve Norwegian meals, the lunch menu is going to feature Laks, Seared Pork Tenderloin, and traditional meatballs. The restaurant is just like you are dining in a castle. With beautiful stain glass windows and cathedral ceilings. This is definitely one of the more expensive meals running $60 per adult. It’s a great value for those on the dining plan though with only 1 dining plan meal credit. It’s one of the most popular dining experiences at Epcot because it’s the only place you can meet all these characters for outside of Cinderella’s Royal Table which is even more expensive. So make sure to make a reservation ahead of time. Akershus is open from 11:55 to 3:30 for lunch.

United Kingdom

Rose & Crown

This is both a dining room and a pub. At the pub you can walk in and try to find a spot to grab a drink and a meal. The dining room requires reservations. Here you’ll dine a British pub food, Fish & Chips, Shepherd’s Pie, Bangers and Mash, Corned Beef and Cabbage, and of course you’ll want to enjoy this with a pint. With the dark wood tables, chairs, and walls you’ll feel like you’re dining in England. Lunch is served between 12pm-3:30pm.

The Sea

Coral Reef

This sit down restaurant is found in the Sea area of Epcot. The restaurant has a huge aquarium in it, giving guests plenty to look at while they’re waiting for their food. Ask for a table by the aquarium to get a great view of the multitude of sea life. As you’d expect there’s a large selection of fish on the menu and a couple of meat entrees as well. This restaurant isn’t too popular, so it’s great if you’ve made a last minute vacation plan or decide day of that you would like to have a sit down meal at lunch.

There are so many places to choose from and don’t forget about the food kiosks that are open during all the festivals at Epcot. Many of the food featured can be enjoyed as an alternative for lunch. We did this when we were at Epcot last year during the Festival of the Arts. And many of those items are considered snack dining plan credits. One day we’ll have dined at most of these places but for now we’ll continue to stick to places that have the best choices for our whole family, I’m thinking our next trip will include a trip to Germany’s Biergarten Restaurant. Happy Planning, Friends.