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Where to find Disney Park Merch 1/2 Price

A trip to Walt Disney World is costly. From the resort stay to park tickets, you know you’re going to be laying down some big bucks when you’re planning a trip to the most magical place on earth. You can expect to spend quite a bit on merchandise as well. Merchandise at Walt Disney World is everywhere and it is expensive. For some tips on finding the perfect keepsakes check out this previous post by clicking this link. But did you know there’s a magical place off of Walt Disney World property that sells Disney Parks merchandise a fraction of the cost.

This is not some sketchy spot that you find underground. The store is called the Character Warehouse, it’s located at the Orlando Premium Outlets, a short 5 minute drive from Walt Disney World property. It’s run by Disney and has products straight from the parks. The items found at the warehouse range: toys, clothing for men, women and children. You can find mugs here, purses, housewares, jewelry, just about anything. These items can be here because they’re seasonal items that didn’t sell or just items they didn’t want in the stores anymore. And friends the deals are amazing! On our last trip I bought a Star Wars sweater for $12.99 that was originally priced for $49.99. My husband also picked me up a Mary Poppins Dooney and Bourke purse that was originally $268 priced for $133. We picked up all of our souvenirs for the kids here, as well as some items that will end up under the tree for Christmas.

We felt it was well worth extra time and effort to get to this warehouse. There was plenty of selection, and I’d expect each time you go you’d find something different. It would be awesome to go here after a season has passed, like Christmas or Halloween because all of those left over items wind up here.

We came here on the first day of our vacation, which I’d do again. We were able to mark many items off of our list and saved a lot of money in the process. My fear was, if we came here on the last day of our vacation we would spend a bunch of money on products and then see very similar items for way cheaper at the warehouse.

The crowds were really minimal. We visited in the early afternoon and weren’t overwhelmed by swarms of people. The wait time to the check out was maybe 5 minutes and each cash had a cast member at it. So the line was moving swiftly.

If you’re already renting a vehicle for the length of your stay then getting here can be easy. Otherwise you can always grab an uber or call a cab. We rented a car for the afternoon and went and picked up a few groceries while we were out. Again, we were really please with our experience and will definitely do it again.