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What You’ll Find at Animal Kingdom’s Pandora

There are 7 different areas found at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom: Discovery Island, The Oasis, DinoLand U.S.A., Asia, Africa, Rafiki’s Planet Watch and Pandora. Pandora is the newest area of the park with the newest attractions. When entering the park at rope drop, the crowd heads towards this part of the park. Pandora is found on the South Eastern side of the park and can be entered from Africa and from Discovery Island. In Pandora, guests are brought into the land of Avatar. In this area you’ll find signs with a different alphabet, drinks and food from their world. Cast members are in character and behave as though they are citizens of Pandora. Let’s take a look at the shopping, dining, entertainment and attractions found in Pandora.


Colors of Mo’Ara

Found at the entrance of Na’Vi River Journey, this kiosk stand sells banshees, bubble wands and other Pandora children souvenirs. What they also have here is face painting. This is not the face painting that will have your child looking like their favourite Disney character but will create them into one of the beings of Pandora.


This shop is found at the exit of Flights of Passage, and can be accessed through the Pandora courtyard. Windtraders sells personalized banshees, apparel, toys, hats, basically anything you are looking for that would be Pandora specific will be found here. Here you will not find generic Walt Disney World items, because of course you’re in Pandora.


Pongu Pongu

This popular place to grab a drink opens at park open. They offer breakfast, lunch and supper items as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The blossom drinks here served are some of the most posted drinks I’ve seen on Instagram. They come in alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Pongu Pongu is a counter service restaurant.

Satu’li Canteen

One of our favourite places to eat at Walt Disney World is Satu’li Canteen. There’s ample places to eat indoors and outdoors. They have a multitude of healthy choices, during an otherwise treat filled vacation. There are four different rice bowls to choose from, as well as the popular pods. Don’t miss the Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse. For a full review click here.


Pandora Drummers

Below the beautiful floating rocks that captivate the attention of guests as they wander around Pandora, you’ll find some drums. These drums can be played with to make a multitude of noises and music. But at certain times of the day there is a performance at these drums that have two drummers fill the land of Pandora with music. They also have guests join in on the performance. For specific times during the day of your visit check out your daily times guide.

Pandora Rangers

Watch as larger than life rangers patrol the land of Pandora. These massive robotic beings walk around the area check to make sure things in the land are running smoothly.


Avatar Flight of Passage

Climb aboard your very own banshee and fly through the skies of Pandora. This is the most popular attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park and can have wait times up to 3 hours. If you have kids with you, be aware the prep area can be a little scary. The premise is, you are turning into your very own Avatar, but of course this is all just a part of the storytelling. During the ride, you will be on your very own bike, harnessed in, straddling the seat to give you the full riding experience. Guests must be 44 inches or taller to ride this ride.

Na’Vi River Journey

Enjoy a boat ride through nighttime scenes of Pandora. You’ll see creatures playing together and songs of the Na’Vi River playing out for you. The ride is not exciting but more a relaxing boat curuise that has beautiful and stunning effects. This ride can be enjoyed by everyone in your party because there is no height requirement.

Wilderness Explorers – Flaska Reclinata

Get another badge for your Wilderness Explorers book. Wilderness Explorers is a scavenger hunt taking guests all over Animal Kingdom park. Find a cast member as you enter into Pandora from Discovery Island to add this to your collection.

Wilderness Explorers- Valley of Mo’Ara

Find another Wilderness Explorer in and amongst the beautiful landscape of Pandora. Complete the challenge given to you to receive another Wilderness Explorers badge.

Pandora is an area that needs to be explored during the day and at night time. There are different effects at both times and you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t take time to explore the land under the sun and the moon.

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