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What You Need to know if you’re Surprising your Kids with a Disney Vacation

Surprising kids with a Disney World vacation is becoming very popular. Whether it’s revealing your trip on Christmas morning, the morning of your child’s birthday, waking your kids up early to tell them you’re on your way to Disney. There are thousands of pins on pinterest with ideas on how to reveal to your kids that you’re about to head to the most magical place on earth. Click here to check out my board full of ideas. This post isn’t about how to surprise your kid, this post is about making sure that surprised isn’t ruined.


When you’ve booked a trip to Disney World you’re going to receive some mail that will help you with your planning. So make sure your kids do not check the mail after you’ve booked your trip. Because it’s pretty obvious on the envelope that something has arrived from Disney. They may not recognize it as an item from Disney World but they’ll likely be curious none the less. You can expect a piece of mail soon after you initially book your trip. This package will include a booklet with information about your resort, suggestions for FastPass + selections, dining reservations and dates of when you can reserve your dining and FastPass +. About a month before you’ll receive your magical express package, as long as you’ve booked the magical express through your travel agent or Disney directly. This package has a picture of Mickey on the envelope. Again, making it pretty obvious that there’s something in it from Disney. This envelope has luggage tags and information about the International Orlando Airport. If you are a domestic visitor, a couple weeks before your vacation you’ll receive your MagicBands in the mail. This package is very clearly from Disney World. If your kids don’t check your mail then you should be in the clear. But if they do, make sure they steer clear during these times to make sure that your special surprise isn’t spoiled.


You will be receiving a number of emails in regards to your Disney vacation. You’ll receive one initially when you first book your vacation with your reservation number and some details about the time of year you’ll be visiting. Each time you make a dining reservation you’ll receive an email with the confirmation number and your reservation details including names of the people in your party, the time of your reservation and so on. The week before your trip you’ll receive an email with details of all that’s happening at your resort, including which movies will be playing during Movies Under the Stars, poolside activities, resort races and more. So make sure you choose an email that your kids don’t have access to. A work email or private email.


During your planning process you may rely on friends who are experienced in travelling to Disney World. Make sure to remind these friends over and over that this trip is a surprise for your kids. This is front and centre for you but it may not be for your friends. You don’t want them asking your kids if they’re excited about their upcoming trip. Same is true for posting things on social media. Maybe your kids don’t have access to this medium but those you’re sharing this information with online don’t necessarily read all the details. So be leery of sharing these details, big or small on your social media of choice.

Be sure to capture the moment you surprise your kids on camera, With all the effort you put in to surprising them, you’ll want to relive it again and again. For more tips on planning your vacation to Disney World check out these previous posts:

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