Height Requirement

What You Need to Know About Height Requirements before your Disney World Vacation

Many rides and attractions at Walt Disney World have height requirements. This is the minimum height that a guest must be to ride the attraction. This is to ensure the safety of the guest. Not all attractions have height requirements. For a full list of rides that don’t require guests to be any particular height click here. There are a few things you need to know about height requirements before you head to Disney World for your vacation.

How Tall Is Your Child

It’s important to know the specific height of your child before your vacation. This way you are certain of which rides he or she can ride during their trip. When you know how tall your child is, check to see which rides are off limits and steer clear of even mentioning what may be missed out on. I have seen it happen many times where families arrive at the check in point of a ride only to find out that one of the guests is too small to participate. This means one parent also must stay behind to wait with the devastated child.

Height Requirement does not mean age appropriate

Height requirements are to keep guests safe, this does not mean if your child is now tall enough to ride the ride they are now mature enough to ride the ride. DINOSAUR for example is a terrifying ride, so even if your child is 40 inches does not mean that they should get on the attraction.

There is a height requirement checker

Height Requirements are not a mer suggestion. There are cast members on guard to measure guests to make sure they are tall enough to ride the attraction. Even if you make it past the checker, the cast members sending guests onto the rides will check again with their height stick if they doubt a guest is tall enough. I saw a kid get taken aside after waiting over an hour to get on Rock n Roller Coaster, the kid was too short and was not permitted to ride the rollercoaster.

The Height Requirement Categories

There are several height requirements, so just because your child is not tall enough to ride some things does not mean they are not tall enough to ride all things. Here are the height requirement categories, simply click the height to find out which rides are in each group.

32 inches and Taller

35 inches and Taller

38 inches and Taller

40 inches and Taller

44 inches and Taller

48 inches and Taller


There are a couple things you can do to try to ensure your kid gets on a ride that they are nearly tall enough for. Try on a pair of sneakers or crocs before your trip to try and get your kid a little taller. When you arrive at the ride make a big deal about your kid being tall enough. If they are just shy, you’ll likely be waved through.

The biggest take away with height requirements is to make yourself knowledgable ahead of time to create the most successful days possible for you and yours.

Happy Planning, Friends.