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What We’re Doing With Our Disney Vacation Club Points Before They Expire

We had many plans for the last two years, as I think all of us did. We were so excited to enter into the phase of no pregnancies and no infants. We were planning on heading down to Disney World for a second time in 2020 after having visited in January. Of course, due to the pandemic, those plans had to halted. Not a big deal if you were using cash, but as Disney Vacation Club members we were using our yearly allotted points. When these points don’t get used they disappear into oblivion. This has never been a problem for us, we’ve always used our points, even borrowing points from other years to create the vacations we desire. But this year, because we are international travellers we can not travel down to a Disney Vacation Club destination, without having to isolate upon return for 14 days, we have points that are about to expire. So what do we do?

There are a couple of choices for what can be done with points that are about to expire. Points can be banked to another year, but this can only be done once and then need to be used in the year you banked them into. Points can be transferred to RCI. RCI is another time share company that has resorts all around the globe. This gives you more of a choice of where you can use your points, including close to home. There is a charge to transferring them to RCI, $90 US. The points when transferred are good for 2 years upon transferring. And they transfer point for point. There’s no exchange.

As of right now, our plan is to transfer our points into RCI points. We can’t bank our points because they were already moved into the current use year. We have been talking to member services on a regular basis to get a gage on what the current status is for international owners. As of a couple weeks ago, DVC was giving a year grace period for 2020 points up to April. Our use year is August. The cast member we spoke to said, if things remain the same she predicts they’ll push this policy through to August. Unfortunately, it looks like things are still pretty grim with cases on the rise and the 3rd wave taking a major hit in our country’s most populous cities. But that means we’ll be able to keep our points with DVC. We’re not opposed to transferring our points and using them to travel elsewhere but we would prefer to use them for Disney Vacations.

We currently have a trip on the books for next February. Booked to stay at our home resort, Saratoga Springs, over what we hope to be runDisney Princess 1/2 Marathon weekend. We’re dreaming and believing that vaccinations will be in effect and international travel will have resumed. As the dates move closer, I can’t wait to start pin pointing where we’ll be eating, which parks we’ll visit when and fill up our must do list.

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