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What We Watched on Disney + in June

With the weather becoming so beautiful watching TV has become less of a daily activity. But we are still keeping to our new tradition of watching a movie one weekend and sticking to our weekend movie nights. The daily TV show viewing has be curbed slightly. We’ve found some great movies over the last month that I had never known existed and will now be apart of our regular movie watching rotation. Take a look at the finds from this month.

Friday Afternoon Movie

When school officially finished for the summer our Friday Afternoon movie moved around a bit depending on the weather and our plans. We fit it in a couple of Thursday instead, but made sure to fit it in no matter what was on the docket. It’s a new tradition that we are all truly enjoying and don’t want to end even when things return to a new normal. These movies are movies I pick. They range from musicals (Disney Channel originals typically) and old time favourite. Here are the movies we watched during the month of June.

Blackbeard’s Ghost

This movie was on our list for a while but because it has the word ghost in it, the kids were hesitant about watching it. It wasn’t until I read the description that I realized we were in the clear. It’s a film for the last 60’s. It’s all about a pirate ghost who comedically helps a university track team finally ditch their loosing streak. There’s a lot of slap stick comedy. The content was over the kids head but the comedic scenes made up for the storyline. Our son enjoyed it so much he’s actually now claiming it as his favourite movie.

Teen Beach Movie

I found this movie on a Spotify playlist, when we were looking for tunes to play. The trailer showed lots of fun dance scenes and great songs. It was a hit! The kids loved the music, dancing and costumes. The storyline has a girlfriend and boyfriend accidentally finding themselves in a musical movie in which they mix up the plot. They need to try to get the plot back on track to be able to return to their real world. The movie was rated G and the soundtrack is now on a heavy rotation.

The Strongest Man Alive

This movie stars Kurt Russell. It’s about chemistry students who discover a formula that make you the strongest person alive. Strong enough to live thousands and thousands of pounds. I though the movie was a bit of a flop but the kids really enjoyed it, found the scenes where people were lifting outrageous things to show their strength hilarious. The rating is G.

Lemonade Mouth

Another Disney Channel Original movie, Lemonade Mouth is about a group of high school students who create band. They stand for the underdogs at the school and bring a voice to the kids that are overlooked. The music is punk rock and the storyline focuses on friendship. I loved it! The kids liked it but didn’t like it as much as Teen Beach Movie. The film is rated G.

Saturday Night Movie


During Father’s Day weekend we moved movie night to my Dad’s place. While the adults and the babies hung in the living room, the three older cousins watched and enjoyed one of their favourites, Frozen. Because they were watching the movie in another room, we felt comfortable throwing on Frozen for our 7 and 5 year old and my 3 year old nephew. The kids were thrilled to watch it but were actually somewhat disappointed they weren’t able to watch something new they’d never experienced before. For those that don’t know, Frozen is the tale of two sisters, Anna and Elsa. Elsa has magical powers that she tries to keep hidden away. When they are revealed she flees to the North Mountain placing her kingdom in an eternal winter. Anna runs off to find Elsa and try to convince to bring back Summer. The music is fantastic as are the vocal talents. The film is rated G.

The Force Awakens

For Lincoln’s pick for Movie night during the month of June he chose Force Awakens. The 7th episode of the Star Wars franchise has yet to be watched by our kids. I find these newer films to be much darker than the originals and from episode 1 through 3. So we’d be holding back on watching these newer films. Now that they are 7 and 5, we figured they were ready with an adult present. And we were right in waiting to watch the film. I forgot how dark the movie starts, with Stormtroopers coming in on the first scene and killing many civilians. And we actually see some blood. The kids are already very familiar with the story from the many books we’ve read which helped with the scare level. This movie is rate PG-13.

Jungle Book

For the first time ever the kids watched the Jungle Book live version. This was a tricky one to watch because our dog hates films with animals in them. So most of the movie was spent asking our dog to stop barking. The movie is a darker version in comparison to the animated film. It’s certainly scarier as well. We skipped the scene with the snake Kaa because we thought it was too scary for our kids. My favourite part of the film was the credits, when they put scenes of the film as pop up books. It is rated PG.

The Black Cauldron

This was our daughter’s choice. A film that we’ve never watched before because we knew it was very dark. It’s rated PG, the first animated film to get such a rating. The villain in the film is a skeleton. He’s quite terrifying. There’s no music of any kind in the film. And the whole movie is dark setting. I would totally skip this film, I don’t see us ever watching it again.

TV Shows

We may not be watching as many shows as we were in May or April but we still throw something on every couple days. And friends, the kids are still sticking to their favourites. They are committed to finding out what’s happening in the stories they are invested in. The only show we added was Little Einsteins.

Clone Wars

Clone Wars has become a consistent favourite. So much so that it have spilled over into play time. The kids are playing clones out in the backyard, making masks to wear, and creating blasters with their lego. The episodes are action packed, so much so that they can rarely believe the episode is already over. It certainly doesn’t hold the attention of our 1 year old though.

Sofia the First

Sofia the First has always been one of my favourites to watch with MacKenzie. Sofia the First is a new princess, becoming crowned after her mother marries the king. She’s learning to become a princess and how to meld the two parts of her life together. The shows have music in each episode. There are 4 seasons and the show is rated Y.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

We started watching this preschool favourite once a week because our one year old will actually sit and watch the whole episode. Giving me a full 25 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning. The show features Mickey Mouse and his gang and filled with learning elements. There’s lots of participation, which our older two do for the benefit of their younger brother.

Lion Guard

Another consistent favourite is Lion Guard. This show tells the tale of Simba’s son Kion and his gang of animal friends who protect the pride lands. In each episode one or two songs advance the plot as The Lion Guard help a fellow animal in need. There’s quite a bit of information about the different animals featured in the stories, teaching the kids about the animals habitats and living in harmony.

Little Einsteins

This show is really old. It was on TV back in the early 2000s. You could tell. The animation was really bad but the show itself is great. Each show goes along with a symphony, which I really appreciated. The show is interactive and gets the kids involved doing actions. It’s truly a learning show and is rated Y. I can see myself watching this with our youngest with the kids are in school in the fall.

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