Trip Preparation

What to Expect when Disney World reopens

Disney World is currently shut down due to the Corona Virus. Yes, Disney World has closed before. Due to Hurricanes, and other unprecedented events. The parks and resort will reopen eventually. Who knows when that will be but, when it does there are a few things we can assume from past closures.


There are already guests booked for vacations this coming summer and fall. Now with thousands of people having cancelled their current and upcoming plans, these guests will flow into the other times of the year. Looking to still go on the vacation they had to cancel. This is going to escalate the number of people in the park. We saw the same thing happen in 2018. With many people having to cancel and reschedule their Fall 2017 trips due to Hurricane Irma, the numbers had a trickle effect the next 12 months. Making the crowd size more than normal. We were in Disney World in January of 2018, normally a very quiet time of year, but the parks were full, the resorts were packed. Making it feel like peak season. I expect the same will happen this calendar year once the parks reopen.

New Policies

This virus is unlike anything we’ve ever dealt with before. It will be something we never want to deal with again, so new policies and procedures will have to be put into action. Who knows what that will actually look like but let’s hope it will create a healthier environment for guests and cast members.


The markets are falling. The economy is likely going to experience a dip after all of this is said and done. While there will be many guests rebooking their Disney World vacation, the amount of people booking a trip without previous plans is not going to be very high. This is when we should see Disney release a lot of good deals. After the crash in 2008, there were incredible deals to be had vacationing at Disney World. When we went on our honeymoon in 2010, our deal was stay 4 nights, get 3 for free. For the price of all full week at Coronado Springs, a moderate resort, we were able to stay at the Grand Floridian, the nicest resort on Walt Disney World property. There are always deals to be had when booking your Disney World vacation, but I expect that 2021 we’ll see deals that haven’t been offered in quite a while.

This moment we are in, is something I have never experienced. We can draw conclusion from what has occurred in the past and make assumptions from that. Let’s hope that we all rebound in an unexpected way. Proving all the expectations wrong, and we can do our part to see that happen. So lets keep dreaming friends of magical vacations with our loved ones. Happy Planning, Friends.