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What to do with Preschoolers in line

Waiting in line is a part of Disney vacations. Even with FastPass + you’re going to be waiting in line for some attractions or some character meetings. With some of the newer rides there are interactive experiences throughout the line which makes the wait time pass by faster. But the attractions that aren’t updated are just a line, maybe with pictures on the wall but nothing for kids to do beyond hanging on the line’s rope.

Today’s post is going to give you a tickle trunk worth of things to do with your preschooler or school aged kids while you’re waiting in line during your visit to any of the four theme parks and water parks.

Hokey Pokey

The Hokey Pokey gives your kids a chance to get some of the ants out of their pants. Make sure to use every body part to make the song last as long as possible.

I Spy

Have each member of your party take a turn spying an object while others look for it. Do this as many times as it keeps your kids entertained.

Look for Hidden Mickeys

Use one of the many books available to find hidden Mickey’s throughout lines or just try looking on your own.


Lots and lots of snacks. Keep kids occupied and quiet by giving them some of their favourite snacks. Pack some from home or use your dining plan snack credits. Saving some of those coveted snacks for just the right time. Just make sure the line is long enough for them to enjoy the snack, because then you may end up with a melt down situation where kids want to finish their snacks. Make sure if you have purchased a snack that you can pack it into your backpack. An ice cream or a milkshake wouldn’t be the best choice because they won’t let you take it on the ride with you.

Take Pictures

Lines can be really unique places to take pictures. You can create some stunning images of your kids in really unique spots. And you have the time to line them up the way you want and then fiddle with the settings to get the best picture possible.

Whistle/Humming Guessing Game

One of the games we love to play as a family is humming or whistling a Disney tune and everyone has to try and guess what the tune is. Now that the kids are getting older they can also hum or whistle a tune, when they were younger we would do the humming and they would do the guessing. It’s a game that can really pass the time.


Here’s a chance to get your kids re-sunscreened. I would only do this is if it was an attraction wait not a meet and greet wait, because you may have quite the shine on the kiddos for those precious character pictures.

Use Your Smart Phone

Have your phone handy, make use of it with some favourite videos. Just be wary of battery use because it can be drained very quickly. Don’t want to be watching videos, then look through pictures with your kids from the day you’ve had. A great chance to get rid of images that aren’t up to snuff.

Study the Maps

Use the MyDisneyExperience app to look at the map and figure out what your next stop is, or use the handy maps that are found throughout the park and at the park entrance. These maps also come with time sheets of what’s happening at what time. So take time to look through with your littles of what’s ahead in the day.

Plan your Upcoming Meal

Use the MyDisneyExperience app to look up the menu for your next meal and discuss what your kids would prefer to eat. This will save you some time during your next meal. You can even use the app to order your food to be ready when you get off the ride, for some quick-service restaurants.

These few things should make waiting in the line more bearable. Because let’s face it, the moments waiting in line for attractions and character meetings can be tough. They can lead to melt downs, time outs, low moments of your vacation. So create a game plan before the time inevitably arrives where you’ll be waiting and waiting and waiting. Happy Planning, Friends.