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What No One Tells You About the New Star Wars Ride: Rise of the Resistance

Here’s what you NEED to know: the new Star Wars Ride Rise of the Resistance breaks down A LOT!

The Star Wars Land, Galaxy’s Edge, opened at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios back in September 2019. This area has visitors entrenched in all things Star Wars. Shopping, dining and attractions putting guests in the heart of the Star Wars story. There are two attractions found in Galaxy’s Edge. One is Smuggler’s Run, where guests are put on the Millennium Falcon and are instructed to fly to ship. The other ride is the Rise of the Resistance. This ride opened in December 2019. To ride this new ride guests are not able to stand in line or pick it as one of their FastPasses. Guests need to become a part of a boarding group. To get added to a boarding group, guests must be admitted into Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park. Once inside the park, guests must log into their MyDisneyExperience App. On the first page of the app is information about Rise of Resistance. By clicking the Find Out More icon, the next screen to come up is signing up for a boarding group. When added to a boarding group there’s a disclaimer stating just because you’ve been added to a boarding group does not guarantee you’ll get on the ride. A major reason for this is because of how often the ride is breaking down.

On our most recent vacation to Walt Disney World we were up before dawn, on the second bus from our resort to Hollywood Studios. We were through security and into the park at 6:45am, 15 minutes before the park officially opened. At 7am we were on our app and in a boarding group. Our boarding group was 48. From what we’d been told by friends who had recently visited, that meant we should get on the attraction around 1pm. We would know for sure by checking the app to see which groups were boarding. Our first attempt to get on the ride was at noontime. Our family of 5 consists of myself, my husband Jeff, our daughter MacKenzie, our son Lincoln and our youngest William. William is 1 years old and therefore was too young to ride. The plan was for me to ride with MacKenzie and Jeff to ride with Lincoln.

When we arrived at the entrance of the Rise of the Resistance, there was a large group of people hanging around. I assumed they were waiting for their boarding group to be called. I asked a cast member what was going on and she informed me that the ride was currently down but should be up and running in 15 to 30 minutes. I could check the app to see if new boarding groups were being called and that’s how I would know the ride was functioning again. No problem. We all sat down to lunch. After lunch we headed back to Galaxy’s Edge, just in time for them to open up the line to admit guests onto the Rise of the Resistance. MacKenzie and I got right on the ride because there was no line due to the ride having just been down.

Once we completed our ride, Jeff and Lincoln made their way through. Within 15 minutes I got a text from Jeff saying the right broke down part way through. Now we could tell this was more than just a fluke. They were given FastPasses to get back on the ride later in the day. So we continued on with our afternoon and tried again before dinner. This time Jeff and Lincoln got to the third of the four phase ride only to have it break down again! To give some context, Lincoln is about to turn 5. He decided not to ride Smuggler’s Run after he got too frightened in the line. After having gotten this far on Rise of the Resistance he had experienced a lot of scary things, including Storm Troopers and Kylo Ren. It took a lot of courage for him to try to ride this attraction. At dinner, we decided they would try one last time before we left for the day. The two of them headed one more time towards Galaxy’s Edge and Lincoln said he didn’t want to try to ride it again. Fair enough kid. Friends, this is not the end of our tale.

We made our way back to Hollywood Studios on our final day of our vacation. We did not go for the 7am opening time. We thought we’d try pleading our case with the cast members and see if they’d allow Jeff and Lincoln the chance to ride the infamous attraction. We waited until later into the afternoon, Jeff spoke to a cast member and shared our experience from the other day. This cast member spoke to a higher authority who not only allowed Jeff and Lincoln to go on the ride that hundreds of people were waiting to get on but also gave MacKenzie and I a rider switch pass for after they got off. This time they made it all the way with no problems and loved it! Moments later, MacKenzie and I headed towards the front of the line to go on the Rise of the Resistance for a second time and wouldn’t you know it, the ride had broken down again!

As you can tell, Rise of the Resistance breaking done is a common problem. It’s not one time during the course of the day but countless times. I don’t regret having spent so much time trying to ride this attraction. As a huge Star Wars fan, this ride was everything I could have hoped it would be and more. But for those who don’t love these tales from galaxy’s far far away, I would skip the hassle and the headache. But if you are finding yourself in a situation similar to us, don’t give up and persevere. Don’t be scared to speak up and ask for assistance or compensation.

If you know you’ll be returning to Hollywood Studios in the years to come maybe skip Rise of the Resistance for this trip. It certainly isn’t going anywhere. Wait until you can select it for one of your FastPasses or when they’ve worked out all the kinks.

I wish we had known before our first day at Hollywood Studios. I wish we had known that the ride was having issues. That we should expect we may not get on the ride, not because we weren’t there early enough, but because the ride isn’t always working. So please, pass on the news, spread the word. Tell everyone you know who is heading down to Disney World so they can expect to have difficulty beyond getting on a boarding group.

Happy Planning, Friends.

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