What are Disney World Water Play Areas?

Walt Disney World has been known for decades for their revolutionary guest services. They always take things to the next level. We have all been used to something one way and then Disney World comes in and turns it all upside down. Then we wonder how we ever lived with it any other way. This is what we’ve seen with Water Play Areas at the Disney World Resorts.

Once upon a time, if you were visiting a hotel or resort with a toddler or preschooler, you’d have to have them in water wings while they did their best to swim in an adult pool. Then came the time where Wading Pools became a pool area for littles to be able to splash around in safety. Now, in comes the revolutionary Water Play Area.

The Water Play Areas found at many Walt Disney World resorts are a play structure that has a couple of slides and is constantly covered in water. Either from something being dumped, like a bucket, every few minutes. Or from water spurting out of different faucets around the structure. These structures have no depth what so ever. They are like a playground covered in water. The slides are actually water slides.

These areas are for children only and actually have a height restriction. No one 48 inches and taller can play on the water play area. Which means adults, tweens and teens can not play on the structure. It is for young children only.

Any of the newer resorts have these water play areas and some of the older resorts have had their toddler pools redone to create these fantastic water park areas. But these water play areas are not a given. They are featured at select resorts. Take a look at which resorts currently have water play areas:

Grand Floridian Resort. Magic Kingdom Resort Area.

Polynesian Village. Magic Kingdom Resort Area.

Wilderness Lodge. Magic Kingdom Resort Area.

Fort Wilderness Lodge and Campground. Magic Kingdom Resort Area.

Port Orleans French Quarter. Disney Springs Resort Area.

Saratoga Springs. Disney Springs Resort Area.

Caribbean Beach. Epcot Resort Area.

Riviera Resort. Epcot Resort Area.

My personal favourite is the water play area at the Grand Floridian, it’s themed after Alice and Wonderland with a massive hat at the top. Now if your resort doesn’t have one of these areas, no big deal, you can pool hop over to one that does. Take a look at this previous post for details on how to use another resort’s pool by click here.

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