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What Age Kids Are Charged As Adults at Disney World

Disney World has a wide variety prices for admission. The prices range depending on how many park days you purchase for. The more days you purchase, the cheaper the daily ticket price will be. The prices vary depending on when you visit. The peak seasons have more expensive park tickets, and quieter times of year have cheaper tickets. The age of the guest also alters the price of the ticket. There are also three age groups for ticket prices at Walt Disney World. Under 3, 3-10 and 10+. This means, kids 10+ are considered adults at Walt Disney World.

Children that are 10 are charged adult prices for park tickets. The difference in a daily park ticket at the children’s price and the adult price is $5. Not a big different when you’re talking about a daily ticket price. However, if you’re purchasing a four day park pass that’s a difference of $20. And when you’re paying for a Disney World vacation, every little bit of savings you can get is a win.

Children that are 10 and older are also charged for the adult dining plan. For the Disney Dining Plan, adults are charged $78.01 per night and children are charged $30.51 per night. That’s a difference of $47 daily! That’s a massive difference. This makes choosing the dining plan when you have kids in the 10-14 age range unappealing. With the adult dining plan, comes adult portions. Creating a lot of waste if your tween doesn’t have the appetite of an adult.

The moral of this, try to get to Disney World before your kids turn 10. If you are heading to Disney World when your child is in that tween age, I would strongly recommend skipping the dining plan and paying out of pocket. This should create a bit of savings.

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