Dining at Disney

Ways to Save on Dining at Disney World without the Dining Plan

We love to choose to add one of the four dining plans to our Walt Disney World vacations. We find this has saved us hundreds of dollars over the years. If added the dining plan is not an option, there are still other ways to save on dining during your Disney trip. 

  1. Share Meals

Some of the portions at Walt Disney World can be huge. There is no rule that you can’t share these meals. Over the last number of trips we’ve had our kids share their meals because there’s no way they can eat a full helping to themselves. You can also get creative and share an entree as a couple and then a dessert. 

2. Skip Buffet Restaurants

Buffet Restaurants are some of the most expensive meals on property. An adult buffet meal costs $60. I have a hard time imagining that anyone eats enough to account for 60 dollars worth of food. 

3. Eat Breakfast at the Hotel

Start you day with breakfast in your hotel room. The parks don’t typically open until 9am, which gives you some time to eat your first meal of the day in your room. We normally bring some instant oatmeal packets from home and buy milk and cereal at the resort’s shop upon arrival. This helps everyone have the best start to their day and saves on breakfast out. 

4. Have Brunch and Lupper

Bring your 3 meals a day down to 2 by eating a big brunch and a big lupper. This will also help you getting those popular reservations. 

5. Eat at as many quick-service restaurants as possible

There are many entree items at table service restaurants that will run you the same price as a quick-service entree but at a quick-service restaurant you don’t have to pay the gratuity. So skip that extra fee by eating at as many quick-service restaurants as possible. 

6. Bring Food From Home 

We always load up our park backpack with snacks from home. This curbs the hangry purchases. 

7. Eat snacks as meals

There are loads of kiosk counter service restaurants found around the theme parks that serve a snack style food that can be eaten as meals. Like one of the mac and cheese found at the Eight Spoon Cafe at Animal Kingdom or one of the huge waffles found at Sleepy Hollow. 

8. Bring a Water Bottle

Save some dough by cutting out the beverage cost. Bring a water bottle with you and fill it up at the water fountains found around the parks. 

These tips may not save you hundreds of dollars but if you have a big crew with you then it could certainly help. For more tips on saving money during your Disney World vacation check out these previous posts:

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