Disney Vacation Club

Wait List

We have been DVC members for 6 years now. During those 6 years we have taken 5 Disney vacations using our points, and we’re about to leave on our 6th in a couple of weeks. Over the years we have found it harder and harder to find accommodations. In the first couple years we were able to book anywhere we wanted. Now, we typically can only get reservations at our home resort or we have to pull off a multi-resort vacation. Don’t get me wrong. We love our home resort, Saratoga Springs, but it’s nice to stay somewhere different. For instance, we’ve never stayed at the Polynesian Village, and my husband has yet to experience a stay at the Beach Club resort. Luckily, DVC has a program that allows members to try and get accommodations for the resort or rooms they really want while still booking something to ensure they have a place to stay for their vacation. It’s called the Wait List.

How the wait list works is you can request any room for any dates at any resort. Provided you have the appropriate amount of points and it’s within the reservation time. If the room becomes available then it’s yours. There a two  options you can choose from, one with a 31 day expiration and the other is a 7 day expiration. So if you’re request does not get accepted by the time your expiration has come up the request will disappear.

You can have two wait list requests active at a time. A great way to use this to your advantage is if you really want to stay at a certain resort, have two requests for the same resort for two different kinds of rooms. This will increase the likelihood that you’ll get the resort you’re dreaming of.

Now it says on the DVC website that when your wait list has become your accommodations you will be notified. Friends, we have used wait list a number of times and I have never been notified. We’ve always had to log in and keep an eye on our wait list requests. Once the wait list is approved you have to accept it or the offer will expire. So if you use the wait list, I would recommend keeping an eye out for it.

We’ve had great success with using wait list. Many members make plans way in advanced and then need to change them as they get closer. Or maybe you’re looking to stay at someone else’s home resort and they are looking to stay elsewhere, it’s a great big circle. It’s worth putting in the request if you’re really wanting to stay somewhere and there’s currently no availability. That’s how we got our accommodations for upcoming vacation. We had booked a stay at the All-Star Sports and put in a request for a deluxe studio at Saratoga Springs and sure enough members cancelled because the moonlight magic tickets sold out. So now we don’t have to pay to stay. Bonus!

Hopefully this will help you finally stay at that resort you’ve always dreamed of, or the view you’ve always wanted to wake up to. Hold out hope by wait listing it. Happy Planning, Friends.