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Trip Preparation: Toddler Essentials

Traveling with a toddler takes a lot of planning and preparation. An easy scapegoat for me when traveling is “if I forget it we’ll buy it when we get there”. Unfortunately when travelling to a Walt Disney World resort there is no Walmart or Target down the road, unless you’re willing to rent a car or grab an uber. The places you can buy stuff is limited and there is very little variety. I don’t want to waste precious budgeted souvenir money on a bib. So here are a few things I learned were essential on our first trip with our daughter and made sure to bring on our next trip with both kids.


Keep those outfits as clean as possible by bringing an easy wipe bib. Preferably not a cloth made one, because if they get something on it it will stink by the end of the day. Made sure it’s easily packable. Bring a couple for the whole vacation. That way you can wash one at the end of the day, leave to dry and have a new one for the following day. These work great. You can find them at Toys’R’Us or Walmart.

Sippy Cups.

If you’re planning on using any dining plan you will receive a refillable mug for everyone on the dining plan. Great, but the likelihood of someone spilling from those cups is very high. Bring a couple of your child’s favourite sippy cup. These are great for the plane and the bus transportation. And another reason to bring your own stroller or rent one for your whole visit: you don’t want to carry a loaded sippy cup in your backpack, that’s a disaster waiting to happen. When you bring cups with you to your restaurant reservations your child won’t have to wait for the server to come to have their drink. There’s water fountains all over the park making it very easy to keep that cup filled and keep your child hydrated. Just make sure to wash it out at the end of the day so they don’t get bacteria built up.


Buy one that can clip on the bib of the strollers to keep your kids cool on those dry and hot days.


Our first trip our daughter had a sweet pair of sneakers with princesses on them. Picked out specifically for this trip. It was much hotter in Florida than we were used to and she refused to wear her sneakers because her feet were swollen. We ended up picking her up a pair of crocs at the Big Top Souvenirs in the Magic Kingdom. She kept them on the whole trip. They were perfect. From this point forward Crocs are the footwear of choice for a Disney vacation.


Bring your own stroller or be sure to rent one. It’s a great way to know where your child is at all times. It also gives them seating for parades, fireworks and street performers.


Yes, there is food everywhere but each area of the parks can offer different food, or there may not be a kiosk at that moment you need it most. So bring some non-perishable favourites from home. These are also great for keeping kids occupied while waiting to meet a character or waiting to get on a ride.

Bathing Suit.

There’s a great water play area in the new Fantasyland. So bring a bathing suit for your little and they can enjoy the water play area without having to worry about staying wet all day.

Soothers and soother clips.

If your child is a soother kid do not forget their soother. Days at the park are long and exhausting, if you plan on having your child nap in the stroller then the soother is a must. It also can give a sense of security. They do have some soothers on site but I’m sure your child is partial to their particular soother. Pick up a soother clip as well to make sure the precious soother does not get lost going from one place to another.


Keep everything you need for your day at the park in a backpack. You can either throw this in the basket of your stroller or wear it on your back. You are going to need a lot of things and the more pockets and space the better. Separate pockets are great for keeping those soiled clothes or extra soothers in.

Change of clothes.

Whether you’re worried about your little getting dirty or having an accident, bring an extra pair of clothes to be prepared for the unexpected.

Comb or brush.

Hair can do unexpected things during park days, bring a comb along to tame the mane before meeting Mickey Mouse.


Yes there is sunscreen for sale all over Disney Parks but I know our kids have had some very bad reactions to sunscreen they’re not used to. So bring the brand that your kids like most. Remember to pack it in ziplock bags to make sure it doesn’t get all over your items. Bring a couple just in case one gets lost or you need more than you expect.

Princess Costume.

If you have a little girl who plans on meeting their favourite princess, bring along a costume so they can dress up for a special meet and greet and photo opportunity.


If you are traveling between November and March, bring a sweatshirt for your little if you plan to stay after dark.


Even if your child is potty trained bring wipes for sticky hands and sticky faces. Especially for those beautiful photo opportunities.


What do you have in your hand? Put your mind at ease by having sanitizer on you. Especially for those times in line or waiting for a parade.


I feel like this one is a given but you can easily forget about it if you’re in the middle of winter. There are many areas of the parks that are sheltered but there are many that are not. And if your trip is planned after months of hibernation the sun can be a shock to your littles skin.

I hope this will make your Disney Vacation with your young ones the best it can possibly be.

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