Trip Preparation

Trip Preparation: Reservation Times

As you begin planning your trip to Walt Disney World you’re going to put together a list of restaurants you want to go to, rides you want to go on and stage shows you want to see. Now Walt Disney World has a couple of ways to guarantee that you get to enjoy the must dos on your list without waiting in long line ups or sitting in waiting areas while your stomach is growling. You can make reservations at your favourite dining experiences and you can book Fastpasses for many of your must do attractions.

Now if you’ve vacationed at Walt Disney World in last 10 years you know some of these reservations are hard to get, even if you’re vacationing at a quiet time of year. To get the reservations you want you need to be ready and logged into your My Disney Experience account at the moment your reservation window opens. Surprisingly, this is different for every area of reservations. So here is a rundown of when you can and should start making your reservations.

Dining Reservations

180 days before. At 9am Eastern Time.

This is for all guests. Anyone with a My Disney Experience account can make a reservation. At any given day there could be locals making reservations, travel agents, and people not 100% sure if they’re going to be vacationing at that time or not. Guests staying at a Walt Disney World resort have a leg up on other guests because your window will open 180 days before you check in but then you can make reservations for every day of your vacation after that (up to 10 days). Make sure your resort reservation is linked up to your My Disney Experience by that morning. Not sure of what day this is, check your personalized Disney vacation book you received in the mail.

FastPass +

60 days before you check in. At 8am Eastern Time.

You can make your FastPass + reservations for the length of your stay. This is only for guests staying on site, all others guests can book fastpasses 30 days before. Check out the reservations we have for our upcoming vacation.

Disney Vacation Club

Home Resort 11 months before at 8 am Eastern Time. All other resorts are 7 months before at 8am.

Now for any of these bookings you can do so by calling reservation services but then you are at the mercy of the dreaded phone line up. You could be the only person calling or you could be in line behind 50 other people. Save yourself the headache and use My Disney Experience, either with a  computer or the app. If you feel more comfortable using the phone or the website/app does not seem to be working these are the numbers to call.

Dining Reservations: (407) 939-1947

FastPass: (407) 939-4357

DVC: (407) 566-3100 or (800) 500-3990

Spend some time making your wish list before these reservation windows open so you have a plan of action. Reservations can get swiped up very quickly. I can’t tell you how many times I was booking a room on the DVC website and within moments the room is gone. It’s amazing how many people are planning a Disney vacation at the same time as you are. Do yourself a favour and be over prepared. Happy Planning Friends.