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Trip Preparation: Refurbishment Lists

Trip Preparation: Refurb List

When you’re planning your Disney Vacation be sure to take a look at some refurb lists. This can make you change your mind as to what resort you may stay at, which parks you’ll end up going to and which fastpasses you can book. Throughout the year attractions and parts of the park can be under construction to maintain or improve them. It can be disappointing to turn up at a park expecting to enjoy one of your favourite rides and find out that it’s not open. One of the websites I check is wdwinfo. This list is updated very often so you can rely on the information being in line with what’s going on at the parks.  I also like the disney tourist blog list, you have to scroll through to get to the information you need but they have more information regarding the closures if you’re interested in such information. If you find that your resort’s pool is under construction go up to the front desk to ask for passes to the water park. They could comply. Likely they’ll be allowing guests to use a pool at another nearby resort but it really is an inconvenience so ask and they should accommodate. Restaurants can sometimes be under construction as well so check the list for restaurants you have reservations for to make sure you are going to the right place. Between November and early March one of the two water parks is always close, so keep that in mind if you’re planning on adding water parks and more option to your park tickets.

Check these list when your start planning your trip and as you get closer to the date of your arrival. Check before you make your advance restaurant reservations and before you pick which resort table service restaurants you want to go to to make sure the resort will be in tip top shape. The more information you have the less chances you will be disappointed during your trip.

Happy Planning.

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