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Trip Preparation: Read Restaurant Menus

During your trip at Walt Disney World you are going to eat. That’s just a fact. Whether you eat one meal at Crystal Palace or you eat three meals a day using the Deluxe dining plan, at some point during your vacation you will eat at a dining experience. When you’re dining at a table service restaurant you can expect time to sit and look at the menu. You’ll be able to compare the different choices and come up with an option that suits you. When dining at a quick service restaurant you don’t have this luxury.

At a quick service restaurant you will order your meal at a kiosk with a cast member. In some locations you will then walk up to the counter and receive your meal within moments. At other locations you will be given a buzzer and a cast member will bring you your food. Regardless of how you receive your food, it can be really hard in this kind of set up to figure out what you want to order. The menus are high up on the wall, if you have really good vision you may be able to see what you want but if you don’t, it can be a struggle to see what’s offered. At some locations, cast members will hand you a menu while you’re waiting in line. If you’re ordering for yourself, and some littles, this doesn’t always give you enough time to make the best choice for you.

This is when some planning can really help you out. Before getting to any given park, narrow down which places you’d like to eat at and then take a look at the menu. You can do this through the Walt Disney World website or through the My Disney Experience app.

With the website, hover over the Things To Do icon, then click on the All Dining. On this page you will see every dining experience available at Walt Disney World. Select the one you want, and on this page on the right hand side you’ll see View Menu.

On this page are all the offerings for this restaurant. You’ll be able to figure out what you want before you even go to the restaurant.

With the app, scroll over to the dining on the top banner. At the bottom left hand side you’re given the option to get the list view of the restaurants. Select this and find the restaurant you plan on heading to. Click it. A new tab will open, scroll over to see “view menu”. Here you’ll see all your options.

With the app you can do this while waiting in line for an attraction or a meet and greet with Mickey Mouse. By looking at the menu ahead of time you have the time to read all the details and make a delicious choice. You won’t have that food envy when you see someone eating something delicious at the next table. If you want to really get into, do this leading up to your trip and create a food goal list for yourself. Making each meal just as much of an attraction as the rides themselves.

There are so many dining experiences, and so much delicious food. Don’t settle. Take the time to find something unforgettable. You’re already paying for it like it’s some of the best eats you’ll ever have so make it so. Happy Planning Friends.

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