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Trip Preparation: Re-Using MagicBands

If you have vacationed at Walt Disney World Resorts in the last six years you would have received a MagicBand. These bracelets give you access to your room. They admit you to the parks. They can be used to buy merchandise and pay for character dining. But if you stay at multiple resorts during your vacation or maybe you head down on an annual or bi-annual basis you may see your MagicBand collection starting to grow. Did you know you can re-use your MagicBands? Amazing right! You simply have to head to My Disney Experience and enable your band for your next trip. It will link up all your new reservations, tickets and credit card.

To reactivate an old MagicBand, log in at In the right hand corner hover over the MyDisneyExperience link, in the drop down bar you’ll see MyMagicBands and Cards. Click here and you’ll be brought to a page that has all of your MagicBands from previous vacations listed. If you had personalized your MagicBand that will be at the top and then the MagicBand unique ID will be underneath. On the right it should say Inactive. If it does not, that means this MagicBand is still active. You should take the opportunity to deactivate any and all MagicBands you don’t plan on using for your next vacation. Click the arrow beside the picture of your MagicBand. You will then have the choice to make your MagicBand active or inactive.

When you have an upcoming vacation, at the top of this page under Your Orders you should see MagicBand Order corresponding with your next resort reservation. If you don’t, then bring yourself down to the bottom of the screen and follow the instructions to link up your reservations. To use one of the MagicBands you already have, all you have to is Decline MagicBands. Beside your latest reservation, click Get Started. On this page will be a list of the members of your party and beside each will be picture of a MagicBand ready to get personalized.

When you already have an active MagicBand you can click the Decline MagicBand. You will then be prompted to confirm your decision to not receive a new MagicBand. This option will not show up if you do not have any active Magic Bands.

If you are someone who loves the latest and greatest, then I wouldn’t opt to decline a new MagicBand, because they are always changing things at Walt Disney World. You may be disappointed that you missed out on the latest edition of MagicBands. If you have purchased a personal MagicBand, then make sure you decline so all of your reservations and plans will be linked up to your personal band before you arrive. My personal reason is this:

We try to live a minimalistic life. I have a capsule wardrobe, we borrow books from the library, we give away toys once our kids outgrow them. This large collection of MagicBands is getting out of control. We are so fortunate to be DVC members and go down to Disney so often but that doesn’t mean we need to get everything that goes along with that. As tempting as it can be. So for this upcoming vacation we are declining two of our three sets of MagicBands, because we are doing a multiple resort stay. The only reason for doing a new set at all is to go through the process with all of you, showing you how to personalize your MagicBands, show what the box will look like that your MagicBands come in and All That Jazz. Maybe this trip we’ll even do some MagicBand shopping and purchase a MagicBand for each family member to have for the trips to come. But now you know that you have the choice to get new MagicBands or bring along your old ones. Happy Planning Friends

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