Trip Preparation

Trip Preparation: Planning FastPasses

One of the biggest improvements at Walt Disney World in the last five years is the addition of FastPass+. Attractions and Character Meetings that have FastPass+ gives you the ability to book a FastPass in advanced. Giving you more enjoyment at the park. For those staying on site you can book your FastPasses 60 days in advanced and those with tickets purchased can book 30 days in advanced. If you have a vacation booked on site make sure you have your tickets purchased before your 60 days booking window opens. Also create a My Disney Experience account before the 60 days, with your resort reservation and tickets linked up to said account. With all of those things in place Disney has all the information it needs to open up the FastPass+ reservations for your vacation. Now before you reach those 60 days you want to make a plan of what FastPasses best suit your family and vacation. Start by checking the height of your child. This may eliminate some of the rides they can go on. Next, check your restaurant reservation times. You do not want to book a FastPass for the same time as your restaurant reservation because FastPasses last for one hour and you will likely take at least one hour for your meal. Then, check the location of these restaurants, especially at EPCOT and Animal Kingdom. If you find you have a restaurant reservation at Tusker House for 11am do not book a FastPass for DINOSAUR at 12pm. You will find yourself rushing and stressing about getting to that attraction in time. If you want to book a fastpass around the time of your meal choose an attraction that is located within the same area as your restaurant before or after your reservation. If you plan on enjoying a parade or a nighttime show do not book a FastPass at the same time. Carve out those times for that entertainment. Lastly, check for what attractions are under refurbishment. I normally use the Disney Tourist Blog for this information because I find their page is easy to look at without too many different fonts and headings.

Now that you have these details figured out, what are the three FastPass+ experiences that are your top priority for any given park day. Maybe it’s Peter Pan’s Flight, Splash Mountain and the Seven Dwarves Mine Train. Or Everest, Avatar Flight of Passage and Kilimanjaro Safaris. Check the location of these rides and then plan them accordingly. Making your way around the park in a clockwise or counterclockwise movement, instead of back and forth spending precious time traveling from one end of the park to the other. When you end up booking your FastPasses they can only be booked within 1 hour of each, giving you time to move around the park. Use this to your advantage by booking fastpasses at attractions in neighbouring areas of the park and spread out the ones that take a distance to get to. If you plan all your Fastpasses for one area of the park you’ll either have to spend the majority of the day in one spot or you’ll constantly be coming back to the same area throughout the day. Not the best use of your time. So spread the wealth by picking Fastpasses all around the park.

Make reservations for times between 10am and 3pm. Before 10am there are no lines for any attractions so making a reservation at 9am in redundant. You don’t want to make any reservations later than 3pm because you can actually book another fastpass after you’ve used all your reservations for said day. You simply go to a FastPass+ kiosk and book another FastPass if there are any available for the ride you want.

Friends, this takes time and effort but it gives your day a blueprint. It can be very overwhelming to walk into these beautiful parks. There are so many great things to do and you don’t want to miss anything. If you don’t have a plan you’ll be going from one end of the park to another while missing some fun and unique spots along the way. All because you’re head is stuck in the map. So take advantage of the FastPass+ and plan ahead.

Happy Planning.