Trip Preparation

Trip Preparation: My Disney Experience – My Itinerary

You have some plans in place. Resort reservations, dining reservations and maybe you’ve already received your first bit of Magical Mail. As the countdown begins to the day of your arrival, it’s time to start preparing for how you want your days at Walt Disney World to go. There’s a great tool you can use on MyDisneyExperience called My Itinerary.

Start by logging into to My Disney Experience. Hover over My Disney Experience and then click on the My Itinerary link. You will then be taken to the first page of your itinerary which should be your first night at your resort. If nothing shows up then click on the left hand side +Add Plans.

Then proceed to follow the instructions to link reservation. In the itinerary you can specify which park you plan on enjoying each day of your vacation. You can add in parades, stage shows and character meet and greets. Now many of these can be booked as a FastPass, adding them to your itinerary is not the same thing. This basically gives you a reminder of all the things you want to do during the day with the time. For example, we want to watch the Rivers of Light show at the Animal Kingdom. I went into My Itinerary and chose the day we are going to the Animal Kingdom. I scrolled down to the Be Inspired icon and clicked the View Shows link.

On this page I was able to see all the shows and parades going on that date. I narrowed it down to the Animal Kingdom, found Rivers of Light and clicked Show in My Plans. If you are choosing a show that has numerous showings you’ll need to choose which one you plan on attending.

Using the Itinerary gives you a blueprint of the day. Put in the Itinerary the non-negotiable for your day. Like meeting Mickey Mouse or watching Beauty and the Beast Live On Stage. With these pieces of the puzzle planned out you can fit it the other things more easily.

Any dining reservations and FastPass+ reservations will show up here as well. Pulling all your plans into one easy place. To give you an idea where you are committing yourself throughout the day change your screen from list view to map view. This will allow you to see where all your plans place you throughout the day. Use this to create your plans in a clock wise or counter clock wise way so you’re not constantly going back and forth, wasting precious park time.

The more you use this tool the more organized your day at the parks will be. Ensure you see the things you really want to see. Be wary of over planning. Give yourself time to stop and enjoy the unexpected magical moments. Happy Planning.