Trip Preparation

Trip Preparation: Booking Day

Today is my favourite day of the year! The day we book our accommodations for our next Walt Disney World Vacation. Being Disney Vacation Club members we travel down to Florida every 18 months, give or take. We can book our home resort 11 months in advance and other resorts 7 months in advance. When that 7 month date comes up our world stops to make sure we get the resort and the room we are hoping for. At 9am Atlantic time I am on the computer typing away and clicking that mouse. Vacationing at Disney is a part of our daily conversation so our daughter, 4, is always curious when our next trip will be. On our booking day, I get us all dec out in our Disney attire and make the kids a part of this process. After booking the resort we’ll go onto youtube and find clips of the resort we’ll be staying at and talk about all the fun things we’re going to do when we go. I have such a fun time envisioning and planning our vacations and I know she does as well. This is another way to keep Disney fresh in their minds.

Happy Planning.