Trip Preparation

Trip Preparation: Airplane Backpack

Packing for your trip to Walt Disney World trip can almost be as stressful as planning the trip itself. You want to make sure you remember all the toddler’s essentials, along with the princess costume for meeting Cinderella, and the Disney apparel to wear during your park days. Today’s post is all about packing your backpack for the airplane. Backpacks are great for travelling, especially with young kids, because you are still left with two arms! You can wheel your carry on luggage, enjoy some airport food or push your toddlers in the stroller. In our airplane backpack are things our littles will need during the flight but also at the airport. Especially if you have a layover and need something to occupy the kids’ time. The toys we bring them for this down time will also be used during early mornings at the resort. Take a look at what we bring along:

Change of Clothes. When we fly we typically leave early in the morning so our littles are wearing pyjamas. Once we arrive at our layover or arrive in Orlando we will change them into more appropriate daytime attire. Also summer appropriate attire. When travelling in the winter we always do this so they can change into clothes that are better for the warm climate.

Colouring Books. These are colouring and activity books. Our daughter loves look and find, mazes and puzzles. We’ll use these on the flight and also at the gate. It’s a fun activity to pass the time together.

Crayons. These are going to be needed for the activity books but you can also use them on a piece of paper. The more crayons the better. Especially if you have a meticulous artist who needs that perfect shade of blue for Snow White’s sleeves.

Headphones. Each of our kids has their own special pair of headphones. These headphones are specifically made for kids and ensure that the volume doesn’t get too loud for their sensitive ears. Whether they’re watching a show on your tablet or on a seat screen, having their own headphones is a must.

Toys. A few little people and dinky cars are brought along. Ones they enjoy but can do without if they get lost or left behind. They’ll only be used in the airport and in the room.

Sunscreen. A travel size sunscreen is in our backpack so we can apply our kids once we arrive. Our full size sunscreen will be in our checked luggage but it won’t arrive until a few hours after we check in because we use the Magical Express Baggage Tags. With the travel size sunscreen we can start our vacation as soon as we arrive at our resort.

Snacks. What flight is complete without snacks. Granola Bars, Teddy Grahams, Goldfish, anything that’s individually packaged and won’t make a mess of your backpack.

Books. Always choose lightweight books. Even if your child is more in the board book age. Choose the lightest you’ve got. You don’t want them weighing you down. Little Golden Books are a favourite for us. I bring along books that will remind the kids of the characters they are going to meet in a few days.

Magical Express Information. Our Magical Express bus information is readily available so we can board our bus to our resort as soon as we reach the Magical Express area of the Orlando International Airport.

Passports. Traveling internationally we need to have our passports to cross the border. They are one of the pieces we triple check that we’ve packed, yes I did forget to pack mine once. As you can imagine I still haven’t lived that one down.

Hopefully by looking at our list of must packs it will help you with your packing for your flight. Giving you ideas of things you may need and not thought of. Happy Planning.