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Trip Chronicles: Linc’s Wish List

Our Disney vacation is only 22 days away. Which means I’ve been planning out the small details of our days. Finding our best quick-service choices based on our daily itinerary, mapping out our days at the parks and checking the daily park schedules. The whole family is getting very excited to fulfill all the things on their wish lists. Last week we shared with you MacKenzie’s list and today we’re going to focus on our little man, Lincoln.

Lincoln is 2, turning 3 in February. This means he is still free. No park admission or dining plan necessary for this guy. All we had to pay for was his flight. Going on this end of the age of 2 is ideal because we get the benefits of lowering our vacation costs but he’s still tall enough to now enjoy many more attractions. Lincoln is in the 38” height requirement. Giving him the chance to ride Dwarf’s Mine Train and Kali River Rapids (if it wasn’t under refurbishment). This trip will mark his first visits to Hollywood Studios and Epcot and his first stay at the Wilderness Lodge and the Boardwalk Inn.

These are the things Lincoln is looking forward to on this Disney Vacation:

When asked which rides he was excited to go on, this is what he included:

“Dwarf’s Mine Train, Darth Vader, the Cars one, the Frozen ride.”

He will still be too short to ride Star Tours at Hollywood Studios but we’re going to make one of our Hollywood Studios days totally Star Wars focused. Watching the March of the Order, meeting the Star Wars characters, watching the Jedi Training, Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far, Away and Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular. So hopefully that will do the trick. The Cars ride he’s referring to is the Tomorrowland Speedway which we have a FastPass + reservation for on our first Magic Kingdom day.

When asked which characters he wanted to meet, this is how he responded:

“Meet ah Buzz, and Lightning aQueen and Pooh Pooh and Christopher Robin and Christmas”

Lightning aQueen is not a misprint, this is how he says Lightning McQueen. Now, you can’t meet Lightning McQueen at the parks right now but there are some life size structures of Lightning and Mater at Art of Animation. So our plan is to head their our first day and spend part of our non-park day taking pictures in the Cars section of that resort. The shout out to Christopher Robin was unexpected. He’s always been a Winnie-The-Pooh fan but I didn’t know he was fond of Christopher Robin. Seeing him a few times on the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh will hopefully do the trick. The parks will no longer be decorated for Christmas by the time we arrive but I think he was simply looking around him for another answer and pulled that word out of his word bank. I am looking forward to see his reaction when meeting his favourite characters. I hope I’ll capture a few great ones on camera to share with all of you.

When asked what he was looking forward to eating on this trip he said:


Good thing we are heading to three breakfast buffets during our vacation because this was MacKenzie’s response as well.

This kid is larger than life. He comes up with the wittiest lines and pulls out the funniest reactions. I can’t wait to see how he will respond to being at Walt Disney World now that he has more of a familiarity with the characters and the worlds we will be interacting with. Happy Planning Friends.

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