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Tips for being Pregnant at Walt Disney World

Being pregnant at Walt Disney World is certainly a different experience than being a Walt Disney World not pregnant. We just had our 3rd pregnancy trip to Disney this summer, so you may say that I have some experience with this. Each trip was very different. Our first pregnancy trip to Disney was to Disneyland, the purpose of our trip was to run the Disneyland 1/2 marathon as a part of the Coast to Coast challenge. Our 2nd pregnancy trip was our daughter’s 1st trip to Walt Disney World, she was 20 months at the time. Our 3rd pregnancy trip was just my husband and I getting our Disney fix before taking a year off from vacationing at Disney. The easiest of the 3 trips was the 2nd pregnancy, and that’s because we took it really easy because it was our daughter’s first trip. We only did two park days, both at the Magic Kingdom, and the rest were down days filled with pool hopping and resort dining. Out of the 3 trips, I’ve learned some things that will help you as you are planning your pregnant trip to Walt Disney World.

  1. Dining

Eating consistently is such an important part of pregnancy. For the health of you and your baby. Before we started travelling to Disney with kids or with me being pregnant, we would skip lunch here, or have a late meal there. Our trips were all about getting on as many attractions as possible. On our first trip pregnant, I just couldn’t do it. I had to eat at proper meal times to ensure that I didn’t get nauseated or too tired. Our next 2 pregnant trips we made sure we had plans for each meal of the day as well as snacks. This meant looking for restaurants that had healthier options, plenty of seating, and inside to enjoy some of that AC. So check menus ahead of time, book restaurants, purchase a dining plan. Make dining a very important part of this vacation.

2. Check Rides ahead of Time

There are 18 rides not recommended for guests pregnant at Walt Disney World. For the full list follow this link to a previous post. Some of them are very obvious, like Tower of Terror or Test Track. Others not so much, like Kilimanjaro Safaris and Star Tours. Now of course use your own discretion. Before our first pregnancy trip I scoured the internet to find out ahead of time what rides were off limits and got some terrible stories of loss of pregnancy on what you’d think would be safe rides, like Pirates of the Caribbean. On our first two pregnancy trips I rode Splash Mountain, which is not recommended and everything turned out fine. But I didn’t enjoy the ride. I was bracing myself the whole time. So before you make your FastPass reservations check the list of attractions you shouldn’t be going on. If you make your reservations and then find out after the fact that you’re pregnant, no big deal just change them. There are plenty of fun attractions, stage shows and character experiences you can FastPass instead.

3. Wear Good Shoes

When you are at a park all day long, you are going to walk miles and miles. This requires a good pair of footwear. So make the investment before you leave for your trip to purchase a good pair of sneakers or sandals. Buy those Birkenstocks or that pair of New Balance. Better yet, head into your local sports goods store and get fitted to make sure you’re buying the best pair of sneakers for your gate. This is not the time to be worried about your style at Disney. With the heat, you’re going to experience some swelling of your feet and let’s face it that extra person your carrying is going to do a number on your back. So take the best precautions necessary and buy a strong, supportive pair of footwear.

4. Expect to End Nights Early

Our first pregnant trip to Disney we had big plans. We wanted to do full park days at both parks and of course enjoy each of the parks nighttime spectaculars. We never made it to the Disneyland fireworks. We saw the World of Color at California Adventure, which was awesome but I just couldn’t do another late night. On our 2nd pregnant trip, we were there with a young child so the early nights were a given. On our last trip, we did a couple of late nights: watching the fireworks at the DVC member lounge and we took part in the Moonlight Magic Event at Epcot. The other nights we were back at the room around 9. Doing full park days with late nights taking in the many nighttime entertainment just isn’t manageable when you’re at Disney pregnant. So don’t plan on taking in these events, especially if you want to have successful park days.

5. Plan Light

Have a handful of plans for your day, instead of every moment of every day. On a normal Disney vacation you may have the whole day mapped out, which is, fantastic but when you’re visiting pregnant you can’t go, go, go all day. Have a couple of must do’s for the day and let that be it. Whatever else you fit in will be a bonus. You have to keep your safety and the safety of your growing baby first.

6. Be Okay with Missing Out

Just because you don’t get to ride some of the thrilling Disney rides doesn’t mean that everyone has to miss out. The rest of your party will still want to go on the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train or Space Mountain. Let them do that. Let them enjoy it. Take these moments of time as an opportunity to rest and refresh for the next round of experiences. And instead of focusing on what you’re missing out on focus on something else, like the next thing on our list: FOOD!

7. Snack Goal List

A couple vacations ago we did a Magic Kingdom day with my whole family: my husband and our kids, my mom and her husband and my sister and her husband. My sister was in her 1st trimester and therefore couldn’t go on a few of the attractions. So instead, she put together a list of snacks to enjoy throughout the day. It was from this list that we discovered Sleepy Hollow, now a must for any Magic Kingdom visit. It’s now been something I do on each of our vacations, because there is just so much food to discover. For ideas check out these previous posts: snack goal list January 2018 and snack goal list August 2018.

These are a few things that have helped me stay positive when visiting Walt Disney World pregnant. It can be tough to be in one of the best places on earth and not be able to do everything. So focus on the fantastic food and taking care of yourself. Happy Planning, Friends.

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