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The Worst Lines at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios

A trip to Disney World is going to involve lots of waiting. It starts at the very beginning of the day as you wait for your bus and then wait to enter the park. Waiting is part of the game. For ideas on how to make the waiting less painful take a look at this post here. You will be waiting to ride attractions of course, even if you have fantastic FastPass reservations. But some attractions have wonderful distractions in their queue to keep guests, especially children, occupied while waiting their turn to ride the attraction. These can be interactive games, art work on the wall, photo spots to take great pictures. But this isn’t the case for all attractions, many only have the simple line that is separated by a rope or chain that weaves guests along until reaching the attraction. With this in mind, I created a list of attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with the worst lines. When planning out your day try to make sure to do these attractions during meal times or early in the day before the lines get nutty.

Star Tours- The Adventure Continues. Echo Lake. 40 inch Height Requirement.

Star Tours is a Star Wars attraction found in the Echo Lake area of the park. A major part of this line is outside, so if you are visiting on a day that it is raining, you’re going to end up wet while waiting to ride this ride. There are a couple of droids featured throughout the line that kind of interact with guests but not enough to pull your attention while waiting.

Slinky Dog Dash. Toy Story Land. 38 inch Height Requirement.

This rollercoaster is located in Toy Story Land. Guests must be 38 inches to ride this family friendly coaster. The line for Slinky Dog Dash is basically all outside except for the final yards. Again, you’ll be very wet if you are visiting on a rainy day. Or you’ll be very hot on a hot day. The biggest distraction at this line is the coaster itself. Guests can see the coaster flying over the sky as they wait their turn to ride.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Hollywood Blvd. Every Height.

The newest attraction at Disney World is Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. The line has two parts, the second part is a film which of course is entertaining and distracting. The cue to get to this section is blah. The line is separated by a rope and the only thing to look at are a few pictures on the wall. Certainly nothing that will hold your attention or distract you from a lengthy wait.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Sunset Blvd. 40 inch Height Requirement.

The first part of this line is outside, although it is partly shaded, it can get very hot. This first section of the line goes through the greenery of the entrance to the hotel. Absolutely nothing to do in this line. Making is the perfect time to grab some snacks, plan out your next meal or the rest of your day.

One of the biggest parts of Hollywood Studios is the entertainment. There are numerous stage shows to take in during your day at the park. These shows also have lines for entry, but because they are cueing people to enter a theatre the line doesn’t last long. The only reason a line for one of the stage shows would be long and boring is if you are lined up for a show that isn’t starting for the next 45 minutes. So be sure to plan your timing appropriately by grabbing a park map and times guide upon entering the park.

There are going to be waits, but when you’re prepared for them they seem to be less painful. So keep in mind that the above attractions have boring lines and you may be surprised how quickly the time passes. For more on planning your visit to Disney World, check out these previous posts:

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