The Cheapest Restaurant at Disney’s Epcot

Dining during your Disney World vacation causes a large expense on your trip budget. Even if you’re very careful about where you spend your money, you’ll spend hundreds of dollars on food during your visit to the Most Magical Place on Earth. Today, we’ve figured out which restaurant at Disney World’s Epcot is the cheapest to visit. The restaurants that we looked at are buffet restaurants, table service restaurants and signature restaurants. The cheapest restaurants to dine at are generally going to be the quick-service restaurants but they’re going to be very similar in price no matter which you choose to eat at. The sit down restaurants on the other hand vary greatly. To figure out which was the cheapest restaurant to dine at, I looked at all the menus of all the sit down restaurants in Epcot. I created a meal with an entree, an alcoholic beverage and a dessert. The restaurant that had the least expensive bill, with the most expensive items on the menu is considered the cheapest restaurant at the park.

The cheapest restaurant at Disney’s Epcot is:

Nine Dragons Restaurant

Nine Dragons restaurant is located in the Chinese pavilion. They are open for dinner only. The restaurant has a minimal menu, with very inexpensive items. Guests can choose between Crispy Duck Fried Rice, Kung Pao Duo, Spicy Honey Crispy Chicken. The entree that is the most expensive on the menu is the Kowloon Spare Ribs, costing $30. Much cheaper than the expensive items found at other restaurants costing around $50. The inexpensive dessert is also what keeps Nine Dragons as the cheapest restaurant. They only have ice cream on the menu, costing a small $4.25. So even if you want to order big at Nine Dragons you’ll be spending way less then you would be at the other restaurants at Epcot.

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