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The Cheapest Restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Dining during your Disney World vacation can get expensive very quickly. Which is one of the reasons we love to add one of the dining plans to our Disney vacations. But, if you don’t want to take that leap or you don’t think it will be worth it, then you may want to know which are the most money savvy restaurants on property. Today we’re looking at the cheapest choice for a restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

To figure out which restaurant was the cheapest, I looked at each of the restaurant’s menus at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The restaurants I included were table service, buffet style and signature. I didn’t include the quick-service restaurants because they are all on the cheaper end, and will run you approximately $25 per guest per meal. I tallied up the most expensive item on the menu, the most expensive dessert and the most expensive drink. The restaurant with the smallest total came out on top as the least expensive.

The Cheapest Restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Is…

Yak & Yeti Restaurant

Yak & Yeti Restaurant is found in the Asia area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It’s open for both lunch and dinner. We’ve eaten here before and loved it! We love the location, the design of the restaurant and the food. For a full review of the restaurant click here.

What makes this the cheapest restaurant at the park is the Malaysian Seafood Curry. This is the most expensive item on the menu, it costs $32.99. The most expensive drink on the menu is the Snap Decision Cocktail for $14.00. The most expensive dessert on the menu are the Fried Wontons, which I had on our visit here, they cost $11.99. Therefore if you order the most expensive items on the menu your individual total will be $59.

Animal Kingdom only has 4 sit down restaurants to choose from, so your options are very limited. But out of all of them this will be the least expensive and you won’t be sacrificing quality for price. The food here is fantastic, with lots of choice for those looking to have Asian inspired dishes and those looking to stick with more familiar favourites.

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