Dining at Disney Magic Kingdom

The Cheapest Restaurant at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Eating at Walt Disney World can get very expensive. Even if you try to bring some snacks into the park, you’ll be spending money on a meal here and there. If you don’t want to spend too much money on dining during your Disney World vacation then it’s best to stick with the restaurants that have lower priced entrees.

We looked at each of the menus for the restaurants located at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom to find out which is the cheapest restaurant to visit at Disney World. The restaurants we looked at were sit down/table service/buffet style restaurants. We didn’t look at the quick-service restaurants because they are generally the same price across the board, with a max cost of $25 per person when purchasing an entree, drink and dessert.

To figure out which restaurant was the cheapest, we tallied up the most expensive item on the menu, the most expensive dessert and the most expensive drink. Whichever restaurant came out with the cheapest bill was deemed the least expensive restaurant.

The Cheapest Restaurant at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Is…

The Plaza Restaurant.

The Plaza Restaurant is located at the end of Main St U.S.A. in view of Cinderella’s Castle. This small restaurant’s menu is made up of American favourites, including a cheese steak sandwich, burgers, meatloaf and a club sandwich.

The most expensive item on the menu is a 3 way tie between the Bangers & Mash, The Plaza Burger and the Meatloaf. The price of these entrees is $22. So even if you choose the most expensive items on this menu, your bill will only come to $50 per guest. Much cheaper than the most expensive restaurant at $75 per person at Cinderella’s Royal Table. Even though this restaurant is less expensive than the others found at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, doesn’t mean it’s the worst. We ate here on a previous vacation and loved it. One of the reasons I love this restaurant is for its bottomless milkshakes.

Another, is the beautiful view of the castle through the windows. It’s also a great location, placing you in the middle of the park. For more information on the Plaza Restaurant check out our detailed review by clicking here.

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