The Canada Pavilion at Disney World’s Epcot

Epcot’s World Showcase is home to 11 pavilions. Canada being one of them. It’s at these pavilions guests can learn about these countries through tasting their delicious food, enjoying some home grown entertainment and shopping from local merchants. The Canadian pavilion is the first country you’ll hit on your tour around World Showcase if you are heading East. The pavilion has a beautiful garden area that resembles The Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC. There’s also a stunning building that represents Le Chateau Frontenac. Take a look at all the offerings at the Canadian pavilion that will make you feel like you’ve visited the Great White North.


Canada Mill Stage

As you’re exiting the Canadian pavilion, into the United Kingdom pavilion, you’ll see a stage on your right. It’s here that you’ll enjoy talented musicians playing some Canadian hits. You may hear some bluegrass songs, a folk band or some rock music. Be sure to check your daily times guide to find out what group is appearing when during the day of your visit.


Northwest Mercantile

At this log cabin style store, you’ll find hockey jerseys, pyjamas, and loads of apparel with maple leafs adoring the front.

Trading Post

The Trading Post is where you’ll find Canadian alcoholic beverages. Try some Molson products or something a little stronger.


Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360

Get a sight of the beautiful scenic views of Canada. This short film is shown on a 360 screen, making guests feel as though they are truly in the Great White North. The movie is narrated by the hilarious duo, Eugene Levi and Catherine O’Hara of Schitt’s Creek fame. Their quick wit adds a humorous element to an otherwise breathtaking show.

Kidcot Fun Stops

Participate in this family friendly scavenger hunt by stop at each Kidcot Fun Stop found around World Showcase. This one located at the exit of the Canada Far and Wide film, just past the entrance to Le Cellier Steakhouse. Have your kids color their postcards at the table or bring home with them to reminisce about their trip later.


Le Cellier Steakhouse

One of two signature restaurants found at Epcot, Le Cellier Steakhouse is a sought after reservation at Disney World. Le Cellier is known for its exquisite steak entrees as well as its great wine selection. At the Le Cellier, you’ll feel as though you are dining in a wine cellar, so the ambiance is dark and close knit. My favorite thing to eat at Le Cellier is the bread basket that is served at the beginning of your meal. The breads found in this basket represents the many cultures found throughout Canada. Highlighting the different tastes found in each of the areas. This is a meal you’ll never regret experiencing. For a full review of the restaurant click here.

Popcorn in Canada

At this popcorn cart there’s something for the sweet lover and the salty lover. You can get a box of regular popcorn or maple covered popcorn. Or why not get both.

Refreshment Port

This counter service restaurant is on the outskirts of the Canadian pavilion but it serves poutine, which is a Canadian delicacy. This item on its menu makes it a part of the Canadian pavilion in my opinion.

If you end your day at this end of World Showcase you may miss a few of these things, whether because the performances have completed for the day or you’ve run out of time. The one must, go check out the gardens. To find them, go under Le Cellier Steakhouse sign and they’ll be on your right.

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