Keeping the Magic

Storm Trooper Pumpkin and Tinker Bell Pumpkin

Halloween is upon us. Driving around the city we see plenty of houses heavily decorated with spooky jack ‘ o ‘ lanterns, orange lights, ghosts and spider webs. We keep it pretty tame at our house. The front porch has been adorned with two yellow mums since the first sent of Fall, and a light up, blow up ghost has been happily added to the mix. But our claim to fame are our pumpkins. Over the last couple of years Jeff has carved our Halloween pumpkins into Disney Halloween pumpkins. The kids get to choose the character they want carved into their pumpkin, and if it’s reasonable Jeff will carve the image onto the pumpkin.

Lincoln’s pick this year was a Storm Trooper. To make it look even more like a Storm Trooper we picked up a white pumpkin. Isn’t the assortment of pumpkins now available fantastic!!! A Storm Trooper image was found on google images, printed off, cut and place on the face of the pumpkin. This year, Jeff picked up some pumpkin carving tools which really made a difference in the ease of the carving process. One of the toughest parts was cutting out the image to tape onto the pumpkin. Once the image was cut out and tapped on the pumpkin, Jeff stencils in the image with a Sharpie. Having the tools really helped with the small little lines needed by the base of the mask. Overall it turned out really nice. I would definitely recommend getting the white pumpkin over the orange for this jack’o’lantern.

MacKenzie’s pick was a repeat from a couple of years ago, Tinker Bell. Because Jeff has done it before it made it a little easier. Unfortunately the pumpkin we picked for MacKenzie was as tough, which made it harder to carve. Jeff got a regular image of Tinker Bell from Google, printed it off, cut it out and then pasted it on the pumpkin. He outlined the image in black sharpie. What really makes this pumpkin special, and clearly memorable for MacKenzie is the fairy dust detail. Similar to the Elsa pumpkin he carved last year, Jeff drills small holes in the pumpkin which look like fairy dust. When the pumpkin is lit up it looks beautifully magical.

The Storm Trooper was definitely harder than the Tinker Bell one, Jeff said. Can’t wait to see what our front step will look like next year when we have 3 pumpkins to carve. For more idea on Disney Pumpkin Carvings, check out my Pinterest board by clicking this link.  Happy Halloween, Friends.