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Should You Visit Disney World in 2022 or 2023?

You’ve begun to dream about taking a vacation to Walt Disney World. So exciting!!! Now maybe you’re being dictated on when you can take your vacation due to work commitments, kids activities and school. But you may be trying to decide which year is going to be the best year to visit. Does it make the most sense to bite the bullet and head to Disney World in 2022? Or should you wait until 2023? Today we’re looking at 5 factors that can influence your decision one way or the other.

50th Anniversary

Disney World has begun celebrating its 50th anniversary. This includes special merchandise, a unique fireworks show, the Magic Kingdom is uniquely decorated and more. The 50th anniversary will run from October of 2021 to April of 2023. So if you want to take in any of the extra special offerings, you’ll need to go during that time. Certainly a pro for heading to Disney Word in 2022.

Yearly Rising Cost

Each year the cost of visiting Walt Disney World increases. In 2019 the price of a ticket to the Magic Kingdom Christmas Party was only $104, now the cost of a ticket is as high as $200. The sooner you go to Disney World the cheaper it will be.

You Don’t Know What the Future Holds

This last year has taught us that we can’t count on the freedom to travel whenever we want. I certainly hope there isn’t another pandemic around the corner, but there are other reasons you may be restricted from traveling. You may have health problems or a financial set backs. The kids may get involve in a sport that requires a higher level of commitment. The future is unknown. Go now while you can.

New Rides

2022 is going to see the opening of a few brand new rides: Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure (opened October 2021), Guardian of the Galaxy Rollercoaster and TRON Rollercoaster. What we’ve seen with brand new rides in the past are a lot of glitches. During our last trip, Rise of the Resistance had just opened. And there were major shut downs with that ride, leading to much disappointment and forced flexibility for our Hollywood Studios park days. It’s only been over the last number of months that the attraction has been running without so many hiccups. We can then assume the newer rides will experience similar problems. By 2023, the new rides should have their issues resolved and guests will be able to ride them without being concerned they’ll break down. A point in the corner of 2023.

Lightning Lane

Lightning Lane is the new cue system that Disney World is putting in place. The old system was FastPass +. This system has been down since the pandemic began and will not return. Lightning Lane will be an upcharge that guests can add to their park passes. This system is so new, there’s minimal information about it as of yet. There is new signage up that has replaced the former FastPass signs. But the exact instructions on how the new lanes will be used is yet to surface. For guests visiting Disney World in 2022, there’s no doubt that Lightning Lane is going to be tough to understand. They’ll be minimal blog posts and youtube videos to help guests make the most out of it. By 2023, Lightning Lane will be something that seasoned visitors will be well versed in. Which will make it easier to use and understand.

There’s positives to either year. For us, I HOPE we can go both years. With our DVC membership we want to get to Disney World every year, but haven’t been able to over the past 18 months due to COVID-19. We are anxious to return, and once we do I imagine we’ll be back consistently until our contract with DVC expires.

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