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Should You Visit Disney World in 2021 or 2022?

Disney World is a vacation so many people love to take. Whether it’s once, twice or multiple times, there’s not many I know who don’t have a visit to Disney World on their bucket list. If you find yourself wondering if this coming year is the time to go or if you should hold off until 2022, take a look at these 5 factors to consider when making your decision.


2021 is going to have record deals. Following the economic crash of 2008, the deals that were available at Disney World were shocking. Guests could stay at resorts for 1/2 price. You could buy a 7 day park pass for the price of a 4 day park pass. Right now, Disney is gifting guests $500 towards a 4 day/4 night Disney vacation. This is a small glance into what’s to be expected for offers in the coming year. The deals will be grand as they try to entice guests to return to the most magical place on earth. 2022 is farther away, and it’s harder to predict where the prices will be in that calendar year but it’s a safe bet that 2021 will be a cheap year to visit Disney World.


2021 was supposed to be a year of iconic celebration, celebrating Disney World’s 50th anniversary. To prepare for this, there were going to be a multitude of new attractions opening. A Ratatouille ride in Epcot’s France, a Guardians of the Galaxy rollercoaster in Epcot’s Future World, a Tron rollercoaster in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland. As of right now, none of these attractions are open. The construction halted due to Covid restrictions. Construction is back under way but it’s unclear as to when these attractions can actually be expected to open. By 2022, all three of these exciting new additions to the parks should be open and working without hiccup.


Disney World is working with reduced hours, masks are required at most places on property and the lines have social distance markings. Despite all of this, you are putting yourself at risk by visiting Disney World during a pandemic. Until there is a vaccine and it is readily accessible, it is not truly safe to visit Disney World. If you’ve already had COVID then maybe you can visit Disney World with confidence. Otherwise, visiting Disney World in 2021 carries a cloud. By 2022, I think we can all feel confident that this pandemic will be under control and behind us.

Normal Offerings

Many of the things I know and love about Disney World are not currently being offered: dining plans, fireworks, stage shows, parades, FastPass. These have been suspended temporarily. It’s likely they will come back to some new normal when a sense of normalcy returns. Until then, visiting Disney parks involves minimal interaction with characters, larger dining expenses, and neutral wait times. Will these offerings return in 2021? Maybe later in the year but not likely at the beginning of the calendar year. So if you want to experience Disney World with all the bells and whistles, waiting until 2022 is your best bet.


In 2021, crowds will have never been at their lowest. Right now, the parks have a very small limit on how many guests can visit the parks. This means wait times are much shorter and that guests can mill around the parks with more leisure. By 2022, crowds will return to a more normal number. 2021, is the year to visit with minimal amounts of guests.

We do not expect to return to Disney World in 2021. The borders will remain closed to non-essential travel until a vaccine is working and distributed. We have hopes that we will be returning to our home away from home in 2022. Until then, we will continue to dream of what that trip will look like and think back on the memories of incredible vacations already taken.

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