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Should You Use Disney Vacation Club Points for Non-DVC Disney Hotels

Disney Vacation Club is a Disney time share company. Each year, owners have an allotment of points to use. The points are most commonly used at the Disney Vacation Club resorts found in Florida, California, North Carolina and Hawaii. But these points can also be used through a partnership with RCI, for a Disney cruise, or Disney Adventures. Disney Vacation Club points can also be used for Disney Hotels.

This means Disney Vacation Club points can be used at any of the Disney World resorts, Disneyland resorts, Disneyland Paris resorts, and so on. Any Disney property can be booked using your Disney Vacation Club points. There are a couple of things to be aware of when you choose to use your points in such a way.

  1. Room Size

The size of a normal room at a Disney World resort is going to be much smaller than a Disney Vacation Club room. Rooms are going to be your average hotel room, or sometimes even your average motel size room. If you are used to staying at a Disney Vacation Club resort studio or villa then these accommodations will seem crammed.

2. Resort Category

Paddock Pool. Saratoga Springs

Disney Vacation Club resorts are a part of the Deluxe resort category. Which means the pools have waterslides, many have community halls, there are multiple transportation systems with plenty of room. When you book other Disney hotels you may not be booking in the same category, which means your amenities will not be the same as you may be used to.

3. Cost of Points

The point cost for a Disney hotel is much higher than a Disney Vacation Club stay. A stay at the DVC Grand Californian Hotel is a minimum of 17 points per night. A stay at the neighbouring Paradise Pier Hotel runs 39 points per night. A stay at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village is 11 points per night, whereas a stay at Art of Animation is 32 points per night. Therefore staying at a DVC resort is a better use of your points.

We took our very first Disney Vacation Club vacation in California. We had purchased our DVC membership January 2012 during the runDisney Walt Disney World marathon weekend. We decided to use our points to go to California and complete the Coast to Coast challenge. By the time we went to book our trip, the DVC resort, Grand Californian, was full. So we had to use our DVC points to stay at the Disneyland Hotel. We had no idea that we used a ridiculous amount of points for our stay. Because it was our first DVC stay, we had no idea the room was smaller then what we’d get used to. We have no regrets in using our points for this stay, it was an incredible vacation. Completing a challenge that no longer exists. But we would never use DVC points to stay at a non-DVC resort again, in Florida or California. We may use them if we head to Paris some day.

We love being DVC members. There are so many benefits that come with membership, but I wish I had a handle on how to best use our points earlier in our membership. Take a look at the other posts I’ve written about DVC membership below:

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