Saratoga Springs’ Grandstand Pool at Walt Disney World

One of our favorite resorts at Walt Disney World is Saratoga Springs. It’s a Disney Vacation Club resort, located in the Disney Springs Resort area. This resort is enormous and hosts several building areas: Congress Park, The Springs, The Paddock, The Carousel, The Treehouse Villas and The Grandstand. Each of the areas, with the exception of the Carousel, has its very own pool. This puts Saratoga Springs on our list of resorts with the most pools at Disney World. Today we’re going to take a deep dive in the Grandstand pool, giving you all the details so you can make a decision on whether this is the right area for you stay during your Disney vacation. Or whether this pool merits being placed on your pool hopping list.

The Grandstand pool is found on the eastern side of the resort, at the bottom of the Grandstand building area. The pool, even though close to the golf green, is sheltered and private. The whole pool area is gated in, giving parents a peace of mind when visiting with younger kids. The Grandstand pool has three areas: a water play area, leisure pool and a whirlpool. The whole gated pool area is filled with lounge chairs, tables and chairs. The Grandstand pool area is themed off of a race track. The umbrellas are red and white stripes, there are big poles with red and white stripes. The whole spot will make you feel like you’re at the starting gate of a horse track.

The leisure pool is 4ft 9inches at its deepest. The pool has stairs for safe entry and a ledge surrounding the whole pool giving guests a chance to sit and only get their legs wet. There are poles stationed at corners of the pool, with water fountaining into the pool. Adding a playful element to this otherwise quiet pool. This pool is not manned by a lifeguard.

The water play area is done up as the starting gate of a horse track. The gates have water guzzling up from the ground. There are several horse heads spitting out water that can be spun around to play with. The surrounding area has a few spots with water coming out of the ground. The whole area is made for littles to play and get wet safely. On one of our vacations we spent a fun, memorable time running around this spot with our then preschoolers. The water play area is surrounded by lounge chairs for those that want to sit back and relax while their kids have a ball.

The whirlpool leaves much to be desired. It’s a small pool, with only enough room to fit one family. It’s out in the open with a couple of benches stationed beside to place towels.

Grandstand pool does have quick-service restaurant located in the gated area. Backstretch pool bar has a few meal options to fit the bill for a pool side lunch. There are no children’s meals but there are a few cocktails to enjoy. Backstretch serves Daiquiris, Pina Coladas and Mojitos. The pool bar is only open during peak season, so you may need to head to the main building to grab a meal if you’re visiting in the early months of the year or early fall. Directly beside Backstretch is a refill station for Dining Plan refillable mugs. The Grandstand laundry facilities are located in this spot as well as bathrooms.

The Grandstand Pool is generally quiet, most guests of Saratoga Springs head over to the Main Pool, High Spring Rock Pool or the Paddock pool. Both of which have waterslides. On our last babymoon I spent a morning here at the Grandstand Pool, enjoying a quiet time pool side reading and then taking a dip when getting too hot. I recommend visiting this spot if you’re staying at one of the neighbouring resorts with preschoolers or toddlers. Or if you want to spend a full day hopping to each of the Saratoga Springs pools. We have enjoyed our visits here and we’ll definitely be back.

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