Samawati Springs Pool

Each Disney resort has a pool. Some have many pools. Some pools have waterslides. Some pools have kiddie pools. One of our favourite pools is found at Animal Kingdom Lodge-Kidani Village. We stumbled upon this pool when we went pool hopping on our daughter’s first Disney vacation.

I don’t remember if we had already heard about this particular pool or if we just wanted to get over to this resort to check it out but I’m sure glad we did. Kidani Village has one pool: The Samawati Springs Pool.

The Samawati Springs Pool is a zero-depth entry pool found on the Western side of Kidani Village. The pool has two waterslides, one for littles and one for everyone. The pool is surrounded by lounge chairs. There’s one lifeguard on duty. There are two whirlpools, one is tucked away up towards the waterslide entrance and the other is out in the open among the lounge chairs.

Close by you have Uwanja Camp, a children’s play area that’s both dry and wet areas. In one section you have a jungle themed playground with rope ladders and slides.

Another section you have a large water tower that has water constantly pouring down from it. The other section has smaller water buckets tipping out water and a slide hidden among the rocks. This area makes Samawati Springs Pool ideal for any family. And gives a multitude of things to enjoy.

Maji is a quick-service pool side bar that is conveniently located beside the pool. You can have lunch and dinner here, as well as a variety of alcoholic beverages. The menu is small and compliments the area of the world the resort represents. Try the Kenyan Coffee Barbecue Sandwich or the Berbere-spiced roast beef melt. Don’t worry there are some standard choices as well. You can also grab your favourite Disney snacks here. At Maji’s you can find a refill station for your refillable mugs. And this station is always open, outside of the operation times of Maji, which is 11am until 10pm.

Bathrooms are located right behind Maji’s. Nice and close by. There’s plenty of stalls, so you won’t need to wait. Or you can head over to the gym that’s located close by, where you’ll also find showers and changing rooms.

Something that makes this pool special is the Savana views that are steps away. Throughout the day you’ll find cast members here that can tell all about the animals you see. A bit of education with your fun filled day.

If you’re staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House then you can easily walk over to this pool. Which I would highly recommend because the waterslide is much better at this pool than at the Uzima Springs Pool. If you’re pool hopping from any other resort you can grab an Animal Kingdom Lodge bus from any park or from Disney Springs. Line a visit up here with a meal at Sanaa, the delicious table service restaurant found on the bottom floor of the resort. Spending time here may just place a stay at Kidani Village on your Disney Vacation Bucket List.