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Running Routes: Yacht Club 5K


This 5k route is great during the busy season or when you’re running during the middle of the day when the Hollywood Studios connector and Boardwalk can be very busy. You’ll leave the Yacht Club entrance and then make your way around the Epcot resorts from the outside instead of the inside. Just make sure to run into traffic when running underneath the waters of Epcot. Enjoy this run before you breakfast at Cape May Cafe or dine at Captain’s Grille.


Leaving the Yacht Club lobby entrance turn left and follow the sidewalk/pathway at the edge of the parking lot. You’re going to make your way around the Walt Disney World’s Dolphin Resort. You’ll follow the pathway until you reach the entrance of the Dolphin Resort. Keep following this pathway until it takes you past the pool area. Run along the pathway with the pools on your right and the beach on your left. Run past the boat launch area and then hang a right before you make your way over the bridge. You’re going to follow this pathway until it takes you to the main rd and run over the overpass. Take a left once you go over the overpass and run on the Hollywood connector until you can get up closer to the Boardwalk, after the Tennis courts. This pathway will take you out to the front entrance of the Boardwalk Inn. Run along here taking you to the entrance of the boardwalk and past the bus stop. Keep following this pathway until you get to the road. Run on the shoulder of the road, running into traffic. Run under the waters of Epcot and then get back up on the sidewalk as you make your way to the entrance of the Beach Club. Run along the entrance of the Beach Club, past the bust stops and then follow the pathway, running past the conference centre and making your way home to the Yacht Club.

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