Running Routes

Running Route: 5k Grand Floridian

This route will take you around the Grand Floridian and the outskirts of the Polynesian Village Resort. You’ll hug the water and get a great view of the Grand Floridian when your returning back to the resort after running around the Polynesian. Run this 5k route instead of hitting the gym at the Grand Floridian Resort.


Start at the your run at the exit of the main building into the courtyard. Turn left and run towards the marina. Run past the marina and take a right, running beside the Sago Cay building. Turn around at the end of the paved path. Take a left when you return to the marina and then another left at the next set of building, hugging the water and boats. Turn around at the end of the path way and turn left. Make another left and head towards the boat launch. Run out onto the boat launch and turn around and run beside the pool hugging the Boca Chica building. Turn left out onto the water and get a good view of the castle, turn back around passing the Big Pine Key on your left. After passing the Big Pine Key building run onto the beach and then run along water front on the paved path passing the Disney Vacation Club building. Run onto the Chapel property and then return to the pathway making your way towards the Polynesian. Continue running along the water and follow the pathway between the Tuvalue Longhouse and Fiji Longhouse. Run on the boardwalk and hug the water. Follow this path all the way onto the Boat Launch and then run along the water. Make your way towards the Disney Vacation Club bungalows staying on the paved path. Follow the paved path all the way until you reach the edge of the Tahiti building. Make your way around the Polynesian to the paling lot. Run the paved pathway on the outskirts of the buildings underneath the monorail. Stay on the paved pathway until you get to the last resort building and make your way back towards the Grand Floridian along the beach. When you arrive at the Wedding Chapel area run around the Disney Vacation Club building along the parking lot side. Follow the pathway on the western side of the pool. Make your way under the monorail, towards the bus stop. Run past the bust stop and make a right ruling back to the Grand Floridian marina. Run back towards the start of your run. You have now completed 5k. If you’re staying during a warm time of year make sure to run this route in the morning before it gets to warm. The resorts you are running through do not get that busy so you’d be fine to run this route any other time of the day if you can handle the heat.