Disney with Kids

Rides We Skipped at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in 2020 and Why

Our last Disney World vacation was January 2020. This was our first Disney World vacation with kids that didn’t have us visiting the Magic Kingdom more than once. Every other Disney vacation we’ve visited the Magic Kingdom twice. By visiting the Magic Kingdom twice we get to watch the parade, meet lots of characters and hit up most of the attractions. By only visiting the Magic Kingdom once we hard to forgo quite a few attractions. We are a family of 5, with kids 7, 5 and 1. So a few of the attractions we skipped because of our kids interest, but there’s also a few we were able to do with our kids for the first time. Check out which rides we skipped on this trip and why.


Monsters Inc Laugh Floor

This is a funny, crowd participating show that features monsters from Monsters Inc and Monster University. But it’s something you sit and watch for a prolonged period of time, something that wouldn’t hold the attention of our one year old. Making it a skip.

Astro Orbiter

We would have loved to have gone on the Astro Orbiter but unfortunately the line was just too long when we were in Tomorrowland. If we had been here first thing in the morning we would have definitely gone on this, as it’s perfect for all ages and gives you incredible views of the Magic Kingdom.

Carousel of Progress

This is the first time we’ve skipped this attraction. We had to this time because it’s a long 20 minute show, and we just didn’t have the time to spare.

Tomorrowland Speedway

This is a very popular attraction, normally we pick this for one of our FastPasses. But because our kids are tall enough to now ride some of the thrill rides. So we used our FastPass choices for Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Jungle Cruise. We picked Jungle Cruise because it was one we could all ride together as a family. Our 5 year old did say he would make sure we didn’t miss it on our next trip.

People Mover

This is a fantastic ride, for giving you a break from the day, only if the line isn’t lengthy. We skipped this ride because we were heading to get our 1 year old’s hair cut.


Casey Jr Splash n Soak Station

We spent the morning in Fantasyland, when it wasn’t quite warm enough to enjoy the relief of the soak station.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

We were hoping to jump on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train first thing. We had reservations at Be Our Guest before park open and hoped we would be fed and ready for the ride by the time the crowds were allowed into the park. Unfortunately, the restaurant was slamming busy and our food took a really long time. By the time we got out of the restaurant the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train already had a wait time of 70 minutes. Not the way we wanted to start our park day.

Peter Pan’s Flight

We expected to miss this one, as we were planning to spend a lot of our time in Storybook Circus which is on the other side of Fantasyland. We’ve never missed it, and have missed Jungle Cruise several times so we decided not to FastPass this one.

Liberty Square

Haunted Mansion

We haven’t done this ride since our daughter’s first trip. On her first trip the ride stopped and we were in the graveyard scene with a ghost popping up from behind a grave. So we’re waiting until the kids are a little older to go on this ride again.

The Hall of President

This attraction is content heavy and dry. Not going to hold the attention of our little guests. So we opted to skip this one.

Liberty Square Riverboat

One of these days we will get on this riverboat but it has yet to happen. The boat ride takes about 17 minutes and we didn’t have an interest in spending 17 minutes going around the water on a boat.


Frontierland Shootin Arcade

This shooting arcade has an extra cost and requires for some of our littles to be a little taller. We found ourselves in Frontierland after the parade, making the crowds extremely thick so we weren’t even close to the shootin arcade to consider stopping.

Country Bear Jamboree

This stage show is a lot of fun, and we’ve often taking this as a chance to give the kids a break from the heat and the crowds. But it has to be timed perfectly, we don’t like to have to wait for the show, we want the show to be starting just as we go by.

Splash Mountain

Unfortunately, Splash Mountain was under refurbishment while we were visiting Walt Disney World. We haven’t been on this ride in years because we typically go down in January and it’s always scheduled for refurb then.

Tom Sawyer Island

Our youngest is too little to enjoy this experience so we decided to skip this for this trip.


A Pirate’s Adventure-Treasures of the Seven Seas

Although this is supposed to be for all guests, it’s too old for preschoolers. It’s a scavenger hunt of sorts, something you want to start at the beginning of the day and work on throughout the day. We didn’t come to Adventureland until the early evening.

Pirates of the Caribbean

We love this ride, but opted to enjoy Jungle Cruise instead.

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

This attraction is a show with animatronic birds. It’s around 15 minutes, with some fun songs. We watched it on our last trip and didn’t feel the need to see it again so soon.

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

This ride is so much like Dumbo The Flying Elephant that we didn’t need to do both. And we can’t forgot the Dumbo ride, especially with babies in our group.

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

The treehouse is a replica of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. There’s no wait for this attraction and is really interesting if you’re a fan of the films. With a one year old in tow though it’s out of the question.

Main Street U.S.A.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

This is a scavenger hunt that takes you to hidden coves throughout the Magic Kingdom. It’s something to do with the kids when they are older, I think we’ll add this to our itinerary when our daughter is 10, our son is 8 and our youngest is 4. But until then I think our daughter would be the only one to get anything out of it.

Main Street Vehicles

These vehicles are only on in the morning, and we were already deep in Fantasyland by the time they would have been carrying guests.

We skipped a lot of Adventureland because we spent most of our day in Fantasyland. We went back to Fantasyland in the evening to do Enchanted Tales with Belle and Under the Sea-Journey of the Little Mermaid. If it wasn’t for that we would have been able to get a few more things in in Adventureland. We always start our days in Fantasyland, I’m thinking for our next rip we may do the park clock-wise and see if we get some of those other attractions we keep missing off our list. It’s certainly worth considering. Happy Planning, Friends.