Dining at Disney Hollywood Studios

Restaurants with Mobile Ordering at Hollywood Studios

Disney World’s Hollywood Studios is not on my list of parks with the best dining. But they are the park with the most mobile ordering options. Which I’ve got to be honest, really surprised me. Mobile Ordering is a fantastic service offered to any guest visiting Walt Disney World with a MyDisneyExperience app, for more details on that click here. At Hollywood Studios, so many of the quick-service restaurants have this service that you don’t have to limit your choices. You can go for a restaurant serving pizza, burgers and fries, salads, even some of the snack style dining options have mobile ordering.

Here’s the full list of restaurants that offer mobile ordering at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios.

ABC Commissary. Commissary Lane.

This quick-service restaurant has ample indoor seating, and a decent selection of food. They serve lunch and dinner. It’s a great location because it’s right in the middle of the park, you can grab a bite to eat here before entering into the new Star Wars area or after. It should also be quiet with many guests trying out the new eateries found in Galaxy’s Edge. The menu has shrimp tacos, rice bowls, pork tacos, a couple salads and a buffalo chicken grilled cheese sandwich. We’ve eaten here once and had a very poor experience. For the full review, take a look at this previous post.

Backlot Express. Echo Lake.

Backlot Express is beside Star Tours and serves lunch and dinner. On the menu you’ll also find cheeseburgers, sandwiches, hot dogs and chicken nuggets. Not the most impressive menu . Backlot opens at 11am so make sure to eat here for an earlier dinner.

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo. Galaxy’s Edge.

This is the proper quick-service restaurant in Galaxy’s Edge. All other dining experience found in this area have more snack style lunches and less choices. Like all other aspects of Galaxy’s Edge, this restaurant is supposed to place guests in the world of Star Wars. Which means the food found at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is loosely American with some outer worldly elements. The food comes in platters and is presented beautifully but won’t look familiar to younger visitors. It’s a delicious choice for adventurous kiddos but not for the pickier eaters. A must for any Star Wars loving adult. Make sure to take advantage of the mobile ordering because the restaurant is so popular and the menu is so different. Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is open for lunch and dinner. Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is located by Smuggler’s Run in the southern part of the land.

Milk Stand. Galaxy’s Edge.

Get your hands on a delicious glass of blue or green milk. The drink comes alcoholic or non, and is the drink Luke and Ben are seen drinking in A New Hope. The stand is found on the further western corner of the park.

PizzeRizzo. Grand Avenue.

One of our two favourite quick-service restaurants at Hollywood Studios is PizzeRizzo. As you’d expect, PizzeRizzo has delicious pizza. The restaurant has so much seating, you’ll have plenty of space to spread out from other guests. You can choose to eat outside, on the main floor or on the upper floor. On the menu you’ll find 4 different kinds of pizza, a meatball sub and an antipasto salad. Take advantage of the mobile ordering service offered here to skip the line. PizzeRizzo is open from 11am until 5pm.

Ronto Roasters. Galaxy’s Edge.

This coffee lover assumed roasters was talking about roasting coffee beans. Nope! It’s alluding to meat being roasted. Ronto Roasters, found in the Galaxy’s Edge market, serves snack style meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu is limited. For breakfast your options are overnight oats, morning wrap, ronto wrap or the galma snack sampler. For lunch and dinner the choices are the ronto wrap, the galma snack sampler and the zuchii wrap. The ronto wrap is a hot dog style meat wrapped in naan style bread topped with tangy slaw. Great choices for a snack style meal.

Rosie’s All-American Cafe. Sunset Blvd.

Open from 10:30am until park close, at Rosie’s you walk up and order. You then wait for your food and then find a place to sit. Check the menu before you arrive or while in line so you can order swiftly when you reach the counter. Rosie’s has Chicken Nuggets, Cheeseburgers, and a Fried Green Tomato Sandwich. For dessert you can choose from shortcake, cupcakes and mousse. I’d save that dessert for Hollywood Scoops further down the blvd. 

Woody’s Lunch Box. Toy Story Land.

This hot spot is found just past the entrance of Toy Story Mania! Come enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack at this delicious quick-service restaurant. They are open from park open until park closed and they have mobile ordering. For more details on the restaurant click here.

Catalina Eddie’s. Sunset Blvd.

Located beside Rosie’s, Catalina Eddie’s is open from 11am until around park close depending on the time of year. Catalina Eddie’s serves pizza and caesar salad. You can also choose from a few beers and alcoholic beverages. So for the pizza lovers line up here, the American food lovers line up at the neighbouring Rosie’s.

Fairfax Fare. Sunset Blvd.

Open from 11:30am to park close, Fairfax Fare offers a variety of foods: Hot Dogs, Pulled Pork Sandwich, Rice Bowls, and Fajitas. Here you’ll find two choices for meal sized salads. A veggie salad with corn, tortilla strips, and cheddar cheese or the fairfax salad which has pulled pork, bacon, corn tortilla strips and cheddar cheese. The healthiest spot on this strip for sure. Here’s where you’ll find some cocktails: Jack Daniels and Coke, Fruit Punch Cocktail, Bacardi and Coke or a Cherry Bourbon Lemonade. 

This is most of the quick-service restaurants. Gives me hope that in years to come, all quick-service restaurants will have mobile ordering at Disney World. For more on using mobile ordering and where it’s available check out these previous posts:

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