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Restaurant Review: Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

This table-service, and pub restaurant is found in The Landing District of Disney Springs. It’s a lively place that accommodates those looking for a big meal with lots of entertainment. The restaurant is large making it ideal for groups. There are also several bars, so you can come and enjoy a meal or a casual drink. It can get very busy here in the evenings and on weekends so it’s not a bad a idea to get a reservation for here a couple days in advanced so you don’t have to wait around when you’re looking to get something to eat. You don’t need to make reservations here more than a month before, you can even get one the day before if you decide you want to check this place out last minute. We discovered this place when we met up with a group of our running friends on our honeymoon. They had just completed the Goofy Challenge and were looking for a bite to eat and a drink so we stumbled upon Raglan Road. We couldn’t get a seat so we all stood around the bar while some ordered food and others enjoyed beers and cocktails. The entertainment was electric, with highland style dancing being performed in the middle of the restaurant and musicians playing on the stage we knew we would have to come back and check this place out at a later date. We returned for drinks on the patio the day we finished our own Goofy Challenge and then brought my sister and brother-in-law on our Tower of Terror 10-Miler trip.

The dining room opens at 11am and serves lunch until 2:45pm. At 3pm they start serving dinner which continues until their nighttime offerings at 11pm. The kitchen finally closes at 1am. They also have a special Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am until 3pm. Entertainment starts during the week at 4pm and on the weekends it begins at 12pm. Cover bands perform intermittently with dancers.

The menu is strongly Irish with a lot of meat and potato dishes, a beef stew and shepherd’s pie. If you’ve recently been to Ireland than you won’t be impressed with this food as authentic, but if you have not then you’ll likely enjoy it as a knock off. The food is a little overpriced for pub food, making it a good choice for dining plan meal credits. What you come for is the atmosphere. The dancers especially, you’ll come for your meal and likely stay for a couple of drinks after. It’s a very fun place to spend the evening.

One of my favourite sections of the Raglan Road menu is the dessert section. With Bread Pudding, Crumbles and Tarts. Delish! Not your typically brownies, cheesecakes and ice cream. Have everyone get something different at the table so you can all share and enjoy together.

For families, this is a fun place to come if you have kids who enjoy live music or love dancing. They may even be able to participate. If your kids don’t enjoy that type of thing then there are much more appropriate restaurants at Disney Springs, like T-Rex and Rainforest Cafe.

If you find yourself at Disney Springs on a hot afternoon or evening sans children, sit out on their patio and enjoy some of their delicious drinks. Try their Baileys Shake, it is deliciously dangerous if you like coffee and Bailey’s. Which tell me, who doesn’t. You can even grab one of these drinks to go and enjoy it as you walk the shops of Disney Springs.

Raglan Road is by no means a must do restaurant. It is one of my favourite places to come on a non-park day though, especially without kids. Because you can easily pass your evening here after having a great meal with a delicious dessert. If you’re curious you can always poke your head in and plan to eat here on your next vacation.



Lunch 11am-2:45pm

Supper 3:00pm-11pm

Late Night Dining 11pm-1:00am


Brunch 10am-3:00pm

Supper 3:05pm- 11:00pm

Late Night Dining 11:05pm-1:30am

Dining Plan: 1 Table-Service Meal Credit

How To Get There:

You’ll find Raglan Road on the northern side of the Landing. If you are coming from the Marketplace area hug the water, passing the Paddlefish on your right. At the fork in the road take the left road. You will pass the Cookes of Dublin and then you will see the outdoor pub and then the main entrance is just past that on your right. If you are coming from the West Side heading towards Characters in Flight walk past that attraction, take the bridge to The Landing closest to Planet Hollywood. Pass Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ on your right and Morimoto Asia on your left. Raglan Road will be right in front of you. Those coming from Town Centre make your way towards the water, heading north. Cross the bridge after PANDORA Jewelry and Sprinkles. Raglan Road is on your right after going over the bridge.

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