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Restaurant Review: Monsieur Paul

Monsieur Paul is one of two Signature restaurants currently found at Disney World’s Epcot theme park. Monsieur Paul is located in the France Pavilion. This small restaurant is located above Chefs de France, another table service restaurant in the France pavilion. The restaurant is lined with windows overlooking the main pathway, giving guests a great view of the busy foot traffic. This is a restaurant I had wanted to dine at since 2009. In 2009, my mom, sister and I ran the first ever Disney Princess Half Marathon and to celebrate we wanted to go out for a fantastic meal. So I made reservations at Chefs de France, thinking it was Monsieur Paul. Although I was disappointed upon arrival that we were not dining Monsieur Paul, we had a delightful meal at Chefs de France. So it had been on my list to visit for years and we finally made it here last August during our adult only baby moon.

During this vacation we were on the Deluxe Dining Plan, and were visiting a Signature restaurant for each evening’s meal. On the evening we came to Monsieur Paul we were at Epcot for the DVC Moonlight Magic event, so we didn’t even have to pay entry into the park. As we’ve come to expect from Signature restaurants we incredible service. Our server took time to explain every aspect of the menu to us, giving us suggestions based on our preferences. The restaurants was mostly filled with couples out for a romantic evening, although there was one table that have several children with them. It wouldn’t be my choice for a family meal, but they may have loved it. The restaurant is bright and open, but not loud because there are so few tables and guests. We were seated at a table that was located in the middle of the restaurant, but were moved to a window table when we got our dessert so we could watch Illuminations. I had expected a better view from the restaurant of the nighttime entertainment. The windows we were seated at had a lot of greenery covering them so it really impaired our view. But we got to see a small bit of the display.

At Monsieur Paul’s you can order from the menu or order off of the prix fixed menu. One of these has four courses and the other has seven courses. The menu has 6 choices for entrees, 5 appetizers and 6 desserts. As you’d expect your going to find French cuisine here, we were expecting smaller portions but we’re surprised to find our dishes were plentiful. This meal was one of my favourites from that trip. (For my other favourites check out this previous post.) Their menu is constantly changing, so what I had last summer is no longer found on the menu. The only things that have stayed the same on the menu are a few of the dessert offerings. This gives guests another reason to continue to return to this fantastic restaurant.

Being a Signature restaurant, the prices are higher than the average table service restaurant and dress code is to be adhered to. The hours are minimal: 5:30pm until park close typically. If you’re dining on the dining plan, 2 table service meal credits are required. Grabbing a reservation here is pretty easy. Not many guests are opting for a high end meal, and if they are they’re more likely to head to the more popular Le Cellier at the Canadian pavilion. Making this a fantastic choice for a last minute vacation. It’s a beautiful place to celebrate a special occasion: a honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, big race. We loved our meal here and can imagining returning again.

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