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Restaurant Review: Geyser’s Point

Geyser Point Bar & Grill is a fantastic restaurant found at Wilderness Lodge. Located on the Boulder Ridge end of the resort, Geyser’s Point is unique, with its Bar area and quick-service window. The food here is delicious, a cut above the other quick-service option found inside the Wilderness Lodge, Roaring Fork. Here you’ll order from the quick-service window and then you can choose to bring it back to your room, eat it pool side or sit at one of the bar tables. You can also order food and drinks directly at the bar.

The food here is delicious. We’ve eaten here numerous times and never been disappointed. The menu from inside the bar and the quick-service window differ slightly. At the bar, you’ll have a few more appetizer style menu options and less meal choices. At the quick-service window, you can choose between 5 burgers or sandwiches. The bison burger I would strongly recommend. Or you can choose between the 4 salads, the grilled salmon salad is my favourite. Geyser Point also has a kid’s menu at the window: cheeseburger, grilled chicken or a finger food sampler. The fries here are waffle cut. Crispy and delicious. You’ll definitely want these to go on the side of your burger.

The service here is exemplary. The times we’ve eaten here we’ve been served by cast members that love where they work and are pleased to make your day more magical. We’ve never felt rushed in making our choices and have been given lots of knowledgable information on the beers on tap and food offered.

Geyser Point is outside of the main building, so it’s not an obvious choice for guests staying at the Lodge. Making it a quieter location for grabbing a meal. Quieter in that it’s less busy and less noisy. The options may not be as large as the Roaring Fork but they make up for it in the quality of the food being served.

At Geysers Point you can choose between a variety of draft beers, giving you more choice and freshness over the bottled options at the Roaring Fork. At the bar you can also order cocktails and wine.

The seating options are limited, and it’s not ideal to dine here on a rainy day. But if you’re here on a sunny day, or staying at the Wilderness Lodge, Copper Creek Villas or Boulder Ridge Villas then this is a must stop. The last time we vacationed here with the kids, we ate here twice. The hours are from 11am until noon. They also have a mug refill station located beside the quick-service window.

If you’re staying at Wilderness Lodge then I would dine here over the Roaring Fork. Also if you’re staying at Fort Wilderness or the Contemporary, a short boat ride away, I’d recommend coming over to grab a meal here to mix up your dining options.

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