Resort Review

Resort Review: Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

We stayed at this beautiful resort on our honeymoon in 2010. It is doable friends, but that’s advice in a post for another time. This post is all about the details of the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Giving you information that will help you make your decision on whether this is a resort that is ideal for your family on your vacation. The rate is the most expensive on property, making it the creme of the crop in the deluxe resort category. It is featured in TV shows, Christmas specials and has all kinds of speciality spots that make it a cut above the rest.


The Grand Floridian is a part of the Magic Kingdom resort area. Situated on Seven Seas lagoon, giving you a high end beach resort feel. It is within walking distance to the Polynesian, a monorail ride to the Magic Kingdom and Contemporary Resort or a boat ride to the Polynesian and Magic Kingdom. It’s shared pathway with the Polynesian gives you great access to more dining experiences and it’s a great spot to add on to your running route. Being so close to the Magic Kingdom you have visibility for the nightly fireworks and the Electrical Water Pageant. You also don’t have to rise early to gain access to the Magic Kingdom, with the most popular park being a boat ride or monorail stop away you can wake up within 1/2 to an hour before you wish to be at the opening gates. Being in the Magic Kingdom area you also have easy accessibility to three character breakfasts’ which is a great way to start any park or non-park day. Needless to say the location is ideal for a Magic Kingdom or park oriented vacation.


The Grand Floridian has the monorail attached to the second floor of the main building, a boat launch on the north end of the resort, by Narcosee’s, and bus transportation. This gives you many options of ways to get to your favourite destinations.

Magic Kingdom

There are two ways to get to the Magic Kingdom. Monorail and Boat.


Grand Floridian is the last resort on the monorail loop. Which means when you get on the monorail the next stop is the Magic Kingdom. To get to the monorail make your way to the main lobby, climb the grand staircase, take the glass elevator or the main elevators to reach the second floor. Head westward to the sliding doors and walk outside to gain access to the monorail. Being the last resort on the monorail means you will be the last to disembark upon returning from the Magic Kingdom, making the next option a little more appealing for your return trip.


You can find the boat launch on the northern part of the resort, past the Conch Key building and Narcoossee’s. The boat leaves the boat launch and goes to the Polynesian to pick up their guests. It will then head to the Magic Kingdom. So it’s not the ideal method of transportation for your morning trip to the Magic Kingdom but it’s great for the transportation back from the Magic Kingdom because the majority of the rooms are on this end of the resort as it is. Find the boat launch back to the resort by the monorail ramps. Leaving the Magic Kingdom walk towards the lagoon and make a right. The boat launch is on your far right.


There are two methods of transportation for Grand Floridian guests to access Epcot.


Find the bus depot to your right as you exit the lobby. Or you can access it by walking past Gasparilla Island Grill and the Arcade Games towards the convention centre. You’ll then find the bus depot on your left. This bus is shared with other Magic Kingdom area resorts so you can sometimes be waiting a while because of how remote the Magic Kingdom area is. But the Grand Floridian is the last resort on the stop so once you get on the bus you’ll be heading towards your destination. The bus stop at Epcot is a bit of a walk to the entrance so I recommend using the monorail.


The Magic Kingdom resort monorail does not go to Epcot but it does take you to the Ticket and Transportation Centre where you can transfer to the Epcot monorail. The Ticket and Transportation Centre exit is after the Contemporary Resort stop. When arriving at the Ticket and Transportation you will exit and then go down a ramp. Head towards the other ramp which will take you up to the Epcot monorail. This monorail goes directly to Epcot not making any other stops along the way. The monorail is constant so do not rush getting to the Epcot monorail. If you miss one, then the next one will follow within minutes. Do not risk losing a member of your party or an essential toddler item.

Hollywood Studios


The only way to get to Hollywood Studios from the Grand Floridian Resort is by bus. Even though you’re sharing the bus with a few other resorts the Magic Kingdom resorts have much fewer guests then the moderate or value resorts so the bus won’t be overly full. Hollywood Studios is a fair distance from the Grand Floridian so I would make sure I was at the bus depot at least a half hour before you wish to get to Hollywood Studios. Especially if you’re trying to get on Toy Story Mania without a FastPass.

Animal Kingdom


The Animal Kingdom is far away from the Grand Floridian, extremely far. So expect a long bus ride. A boring drive. So be prepared to keep your kids attention with games of eye spy or discussing the plans for the day. On the opposite end expect cranky kids at the end of the day with stops at the other resorts before reaching your destination. With the popularity of Pandora, plan to leave as soon as you can. Maybe even think of getting down to the bus depot an hour before you wish to arrive. The Animal Kingdom does have washrooms at the entrance, and sometimes even some character meet and greets so there should be things to do before the park opens.

Disney Springs


The bus ride to Disney Springs is about as long as the bus ride to Hollywood Studios but it’s a little more confusing so it can feel like a longer drive than it actually is. Because there’s no immediate reason to be at Disney Springs, unless you have a reservation at a restaurant, just get to the bus depot whenever you want. Because it is such a distance I would recommend using package pick up. When you purchase something tell them you would like to have it delivered to your resort and there will be no extra charge. This way you don’t have to cart your purchases around with you and you don’t have to be afraid of leaving on behind. This bus also drops off and picks up at Typhoon Lagoon while it’s open so you’ll be making an extra stop.

Blizzard Beach


This bus ride is going to go to Animal Kingdom before or after you reach Blizzard Beach. Meaning you’ll either be waiting a little while before you get there or a while on the way back. It’s a long bus ride so be prepared to one, wait for a while for the bus to arrive at the Grand Floridian bus stop and two, to be siting on the bus for a while getting there and coming back. Because Grand Floridian is the last drop off for this area be sure to change out of your swimsuit before getting on the bus.

Typhoon Lagoon


The bus from Disney Springs also goes to Typhoon Lagoon. It is a longer bus ride, but really every bus ride is going to feel long in comparison to the monorail because the monorail is so quick and handy. The park only opens at 10am so if you’re looking to get there for opening be at the bus stop by 9:30 and that should give you enough time to get there for opening.

ESPN Wide World of Sports


As a guest of the Grand Floridian you have access to ESPN Wide World of Sports during RunDisney events. All other times you have access to the ESPN Wide World of Sports by heading to the All-Star Sports Resort, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and Disney’s Pop Century. The easiest way to access this method of transportation to ESPN Wide World of Sports is to head to the Magic Kingdom, take a bus to one of the above resorts and get a bus from there. The bus is available there Thurday-Monday 5pm-11pm. If there is a scheduled event that you want to see but does not fall under these times check with the concierge desk and they will be able to direct you.


The Grand Floridian Resort has two pools and both have lots of activity and space. With bordering quick-service locations, restrooms and plenty of deck chairs for everyone. Check both out in one day or spread them out over your vacation. If you’re looking for a quiet pool this is not the place to find that. If you are looking somewhere to relax and unwind it would be better to pool hop on the monorail over to the Contemporary Resort and spend time in their quiet pool that sits on the lake. Here are the details for the two pools at the Grand Floridian Resort.

Courtyard Pool

This pool is zero-depth entry, which we love. Making it easy to get in and out off. There are fountains in the lower end of the pool which is really fun for littles to interact with. There is a whirlpool nearby and the whole pool is bordered by lounge chairs. It’s in the heart of the resort, so you are surrounded by the beautiful buildings and landscaping. The Courtyard Pool Bar is within the gated pool area giving easy access to pool side beverages and lunch or dinner. This large pool is quieter than the Beach Pool but it is still very suitable for families with younger kids or timid swimmers. To get to this pool from any of the buildings walk into the Courtyard which is off the main building and the pool is in the middle of it all. Beautiful spot, you must check this one out.

Beach Pool

This pool has a lot going on. With the 181-foot long water slide, waterfalls falling into the pool. This pool is very narrow, which makes it seem much busier than it really is. It’s very open, bordering on the beach part of the resort, so many guests are walking by. As a parent this makes me a little more nervous then the private Courtyard Pool. This area has so many things to pull your eye, making it hard to watch your child. There also isn’t a lot of seating around the pool itself. There is plenty of seating between the pool and the water play area, but it’s more suitable for eating and drinking then sitting pool side. The zero-depth entry is beautiful, as it is so close to the beach it feels like you are on the beach. The water play area is in the same pool spot. It’s a must do for kids 0-7. With two water slides, buckets dumping and water spraying everywhere, there is something for every level. It’s wonderland themed which is ever so appropriate for this atmosphere. There is no whirlpool in this area. There are washrooms and the Beach Pool Bar & Grill. We have spent a lot of time in this pool area because of the water play area which was ideal for our family on our last vacation. The pool itself will be better for our family when our young ones have grown to an older age where they do not need to be monitored as closely. So if this your family, be sure to mark a non-park day for this pool.


With the most dining experiences offered at a resort on Walt Disney World property, the Grand Floridian has something for everyone. Casual, high class, pool side, private dining. Whatever you are looking for you can find it here at the Grand Floridian. If there’s nothing that does appeal to you, you can hop on the monorail and enjoy one of the other culinary choices offered at the Contemporary or Polynesian resorts. Be sure to make some reservations ahead of time as many guests from all over the property come here to enjoy a meal and people who aren’t even staying on property come to dine. If you are on the dining plan you will not have to venture far to use up those meal credit.

Table Service

1900 Park Fare

This buffet style restaurant offers character breakfast and supper. With characters from Wonderland, Hundred-Acre Wood and Mary Poppins at breakfast and Cinderella, Prince Charming, Lady Tremaine and the Stepsisters at supper. The restaurant opens 8am serving breakfast until 11:50am and offers supper from 4pm until 9pm. They also offer a special Wonderland Tea Party for children ages 4-12 on weekdays from 2pm until 3pm. Find this restaurant on the main floor just off the lobby. If you’re walking in from outside, underneath the monorail, it’s on your far left, past the bathrooms. If you’re walking in from the courtyard, make your way into the lobby until you almost reach the exit. You will find the entrance to 1900 Park Fare on your right. If you are vacationing with your family and have girls with you then this is a must-do. It’s also a great use of your dining plan because it only uses one meal credit and you get a lot of great food.


Located on the second floor, this well reviewed restaurants offers a variety of courses. It’s part of the Signature restaurants so you should expect exquisite service and delicious food. Citricos opens at 5:30pm and serves dinner until 10pm. The main course selection is minimal but what is served is well done. You can expect to have a decent amount of choices for children as well. This restaurant is 2 meal credits which is a little high because the prices are not that steep. For a high class spot you can get last minute reservations, try to find one through My Disney Experience or check with the Concierge desk when you arrive. To get to this restaurant make your way to the second floor of the Grand Floridian main building, by the grand staircase or elevator, pass the shops and the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra. You’ll walk into a hallway with signage directing you to Citricos.

Grand Floridian Cafe

Find this table-service restaurant on the main floor of the Grand Floridian. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can find a superb meal here any time of the day and very often with a last minute or no reservation. It has the lowest cost for a meal out of your choices of table-service restaurants at this resort, making it a great choice for those paying out of pocket. We ate here for a late supper on our honeymoon and I enjoyed a mushroom soup that was delectable, we returned on our Tower of Terror trip for breakfast and I had the Lobster Benedict which I still think of to this day. They’re open for breakfast from 7:30am until 11:00am, lunch from 11:05am-2:00pm and dinner from 5:00pm until 9:00pm. You can find this restaurant in the main building on your direct right upon entering the building from the courtyard. If you are coming from the front desk area make your way to the back of the building passing the Sandy Cove Gift and Sundry Shop on your left.


This Signature Dining restaurant doesn’t appear all that impressive in its decor but that’s because the focus is on the windows and the view you can see through them. Across the lagoon is the entrance to the Magic Kingdom. You can watch the boats glide by as they go pick people up at the different boat launches, and you can even watch the fireworks if you are dining when the show begins. This restaurant specializes in seafood, although there are a few options for the meat lover in your party. It also has a variety of choices for dessert with their very own Narcoosee’s Candy Bar. You can dine here 7 days a week from 5pm-9:30. Being a part of the signature dining category it does require 2 dining plan meal credits and requires guest to wear business casual dress. Find this restaurant on the northern end of the resort, on your right immediately before you walk onto the boat launch.

Victoria & Albert’s

This restaurant is the only of its kind on property. Described as a culinary experience, Victoria & Albert’s is a world-class restaurant offering a 7-course menu or a 10-course tasting menu. You need to make reservations months in advanced and can not use any dining plans. The restaurant is only open from 5:30pm-7:35pm. It is a fixed price menu costing $185-250 depending on which experience you choose. Find this restaurant on the second floor of the Grand Floridian. Head upstairs via the lobby’s elevator or grand staircase, or stay on the floor you enter off of the monorail. Walking towards Mizner’s Lounge make a left before reaching the Lounge. Victoria and Albert’s will be in front of you as you head down that hallway. Dress to impress at this place.


Gasparilla Island Grill

Found on the outside of the main building, this is not my favourite quick-service restaurant at the deluxe resorts. I do not like the lay out and find there to be minimal offerings. You can grab breakfast, lunch or dinner here. It’s open 24/7. The breakfast menu is minimal, so don’t plan to eat here every morning of your vacation. It’s best to save those quick-service meal credits for lunch or supper at a quick-service restaurant at the park. They have a wide variety of sandwiches and pizzas for lunch and supper. But again this restaurant doesn’t even compare to the Contempo Cafe found at neighbouring Contemporary Resort. To find this quick service location head towards the courtyard and then make your way to the marina, you’ll see the Gasparilla Island Grill tucked in on your left. What it lacks in food it makes up for in patio. A great spot to sit and relax.

Courtyard Pool Bar

This pool bar is located beside the courtyard pool found in the middle of the resort property. You can grab a bite to eat here from 11am-8pm. They serve a couple different sandwiches and burgers and nuggets. Not a great variety but it’s a quick fix if you’re looking to stay by the pool.

Beaches Pool Bar & Grill

The grill word in this name is very deceiving. This spot offers the same menu as the Courtyard Pool Bar. So little variety but will fulfill the job if you are looking for a quick bite while sitting pool side. Open from 11am-9pm. Found nestled between the Splash Play Area and the Beach Pool.


Citricos Lounge

Sit at the bar of Citricos and enjoy some Tapas and a glass of wine or a cocktail. This lounge does not offer the Citricos menu but it’s a great place to sit while you are waiting for a table at Citricos or at Victoria & Albert’s. Not really a place to spend the evening but a place to wait. Open from 5pm-10pm.

Mizner’s Lounge

Located directly behind the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra, come here to enjoy a cocktail, a glass of wine, a scotch, any kind of alcohol you fancy they will have it. You can even enjoy a cigar. They also offer a variety of appetizers and entree items. As well as dessert. With the hours from 1pm until midnight this place can serve a variety of interests. You can come for a cocktail and dessert, for a late evening meal or a relaxed drink while you enjoy the live music. It is on my list of places to go on an adults only vacation.

Courtyard Pool Bar

As mentioned above, this pool bar is found outside bordering the courtyard pool. They offer cocktails, beer and blended beverages. Pick up your preference anytime between 11am and 8pm.

Beaches Pool Bar & Grill

Just like the food items, the beverages items found here are the same as those found at the Courtyard Pool Bar. This bar is open until 9pm. Giving you an extra hour of enjoyment over the Courtyard pool bar.

Speciality Dining Experiences

Beyond Victoria & Albert’s, the Grand Floridian offers a few other unique dining experiences that can not be found elsewhere on Disney property. One is the Garden View Tea Room. They offer tea service 2pm until 5pm every day except Tuesdays and Thursdays, when it’s offered from 12pm until 5pm. You will be given different kinds of teas as well as scones and pastries. Be sure to book this a couple of months in advanced. You can find the Garden View Tea Room at the back of the main lobby. If you enter through the front entrance make your way through the lobby all the way to the very back. The Summer Lace boutique will be on your right.  The Garden View Tea Room also offers the Disney’s Perfectly Princess Tea. This experience involves an appearance from Aurora as well as an abundance of gifts and keepsakes. Book ahead through My Disney Experience or by calling (407) 939-6983. You will have to pay for this in advanced and the cost is $333.64 for one guest and one child. This is offered every morning at 10:30, except Tuesdays and Thursdays.


At the Grand Floridian there are a total of six buildings, apart from the Disney Vacation Club Villa building, that make up the resort. All the standard rooms are found in what’s coined outer buildings. Four of the outer buildings host standard rooms. You will need your key or magic band to access your building. Each building has its own unique view point. The building on the western side of the marina is Sago Cay, on the eastern side of the marina there’s Sugar Loaf Key and Conch Key buildings. Sugar Loaf Key hosts club level rooms and Conch Key has standard and deluxe rooms. On the eastern side of the resort there’s the Boca Chica rooms offering views of the Magic Kingdom and the Courtyard. Lastly for the outer buildings there’s Big Pine Key, with rooms looking out onto the lagoon and others with views of the courtyard. There are also rooms found in the main building but these are all club level rooms. The best views for the standard rooms would be found in the the Conch Key building, Boca Chica and Big Pine Key.

Standard Room

There are three options for standard rooms depending on availability and they range in price. There’s garden view, which means view of the marina, the courtyard or the pool. The Lagoon View will put you in the Big Pine Key building, giving you a view of the Polynesian, the Disney Vacation Club Villas at Grand Floridian and the lagoon. Lastly, the Theme Park view, here you’ll be able to see the tip of Cinderella’s castle if you’re on the top floor, but from the bottom you’ll be able to see the fireworks from your patio doors. All of these rooms offer 2 Queen Beds and 1 Day Bed, 2 Queen Beds, or 1 King Bed and a Double Size Sleeper Sofa. The exception to this is the Garden view rooms. Some of these rooms can have a King Bed with a day bed. Upon walking into these rooms you’ll have a closet on one side and your bathroom on the other. The bathroom has two separate sinks and then the toilet and shower/tub are in their own room. The closet has a safe, and lots of room for luggage and hanging outfits for those special dining experiences. In the remainder of the room you’ll have your beds or bed along one wall and on the opposite wall you’ll have a bureau with a TV on top. In your room there will be a one-cup coffee machine. Many room have a patio, this depends upon where you are in your building, if you are on the main floor you will likely have a stone patio, other floors you may have a walk-out patio or if you’re on one of the top floors you may just have a pop-out window and therefore no patio. Which sucks if you are vacationing with littles who nap during the day or go to bed early.

$574-684 per night. Cost varies depending on the view.

Deluxe Room

These rooms are only offered with a garden view if you are not doing the club level access. This room will have 2 queen beds and 1 day bed. There will be a seating area as well as a desk and chair. All other aspects of the room will be the same as above. With this room you’re given a bit more space, making more room if you’re vacationing with a bigger family or older children.

The cost is approximately $650 per night. The cost can vary depending upon the season.

Club-Level Rooms

The club-level rooms give you access to complimentary food and beverages as well as 24/7 concierge service. The food is generous and of a great variety. The beverages are coffee, juices and alcoholic throughout the afternoon and evening. When you are staying at the club-level you don’t need to be on the dining plan, a couple special dining experiences is fine but you definitely don’t need to eat out your whole trip.

Standard Rooms

These rooms can be found in the outer building, Sugar Loaf Key, or in the main building. Outer building costs $688 per night whereas the main building runs $905-1020 per night depending on your view. The layout of the rooms are the same as the standard rooms described above.

Deluxe Rooms

There are some deluxe rooms available at the club level with magic kingdom park view and resort grounds view. These rooms have a king bed or a king bed and 1 day bed. So there’s only room for three people in these rooms or three adults and a crib/playpen.

1 Bedroom Suite

These are not to be confused with villas that are found at the Disney Vacation Club Villas of Grand Floridian Resort. Even though these are one bedroom suites they do not have a functional kitchen. Upon entering this room you’ll have a closet on one side and a bathroom on the other. The toilet and bathtub are separate from the sinks. Further into the room you have a couch and seating as well as a dining table and chairs. A TV is on a bureau and a one cup coffee machine is on a side table with cups and coffee for your enjoyment. There is a door to gain entrance into the bedroom which features two queen size beds, a bureau and TV and a bathroom. What they do with these rooms is give you a living room with an extra bathroom connected to a standard room. You can have 6 people stay in these rooms because the couch in the living room is a pull out couch. These rooms are only available in the outer building.

$1256 per night.

2 Bedroom Suite

These suites are going to be identical to the 1 bedroom suite just with an entrance in the living room to another room with a king size bed. You’ll walk in with your bathroom on one side, closet on the other. Living room in front of you with a desk, TV unit, sofa and armchairs. A dining room set for enjoying some of the delicious food you’ll enjoy at the club level. You’ll then have two separate rooms, both with their own TVs and their own bathrooms. These rooms are going to give you lots of space to relax and enjoy your vacation with perhaps a big family or a big group of friends. It appears as though these rooms are found in the Boca Chica building. Which means they must have a special club level floor in this particular building.

$2,048 per night.

*In my opinion, for the price I would stay at one of the 2 bedroom villas at The Villas at the Grand Floridian. It is less expensive, at $1318 per night. They do not have the club level access but if you add on your dining plan for the length of your trip, even the deluxe dining plan, you’ll still end up with more money in your pocket.*


Normally in a resort review shopping goes under the category of extras but at the Grand Floridian you have 5 shops, each with their own style of merchandise. You can stay right here and get all the gifts you need, plus great apparel to wear home. All these shops are within walking distance of the lobby.

Basin White

This shop is located on the right hand side as you are heading towards the exit to the monorail. In this shop you’ll find some items for your body and your home. With special soaps, salts and bath bombs, you’ll be enjoying relaxation time for months to come while thinking back on your time spent at the Grand Floridian. This is a great spot to buy souvenirs that are more specific to your resort instead of Disney itself.

M. Mouse Mercantile

Here you’ll find an array of items for your little ones. With toys, books, costumes and clothing you can spoil your little or your grandchild to bits in this place. This is also a great place to pick up autograph books and pens for your days at the parks or a character meal. Stop in here to find one of a kind disney parks toys. If you find something you like, pick it up because you may not find it elsewhere. Find this whimsical store on the left side of the entrance to the monorail on the second floor.

Commander Porter’s

Also on the second floor, Commander Porter’s is a men’s store. This men’s store offers cufflinks, watches, golf shirts, ties and anything else that you could slip into the office wearing without anyone noticing it has a little bit of the mouse on it. You can also find great items for men to wear everyday. On our honeymoon my husband picked up a pair of sweat pants that had Grand Floridian monogramed on them. They lasted years. You can also pick something up here to dress up the attire for that special night of dining.

Summer Lace

Found on the main floor at the base of the grand staircase. This shop has two rooms offering regular wears as well as Disney apparel. Here you can find Dooney & Bourke purses, wallets and bags. They have a great staff who will help you make a purchase right for you. With plenty of mirrors you’ll have a good sense of how your item looks before taking it home.

Sandy Cove Gift and Sundry Shop

This shop is located on the main floor of the Grand Floridian main building. You can find it upon entering the building via the courtyard or you can find it as you exit the main lobby and make your way out towards the courtyard. This shop is going to have some basic necessities you may need for your trip, like sunscreen, milk, bread and so on. They also have a nice selection of kitchenwares. Looking for a book to read by the pool or a magazine to stay in the know, this is the place to stop. Your favourite Disney candies can also be found here.

So between all these shops, don’t feel amiss if you can’t make it to Disney Springs. You can also hop on the monorail and visit the shops at the Contemporary or Polynesian. Between these three monorail resorts you will find all the items you could want or need to bring home.


Boat Rentals

From the Grand Floridian Marina you can rent one of three watercrafts. There’s Sea Raycers, Montauks and Pontoon boats. The Sea Raycers seat up to 2 guests, a $32 per half hour, Montauks seat up to 6 guests and rent for $45 per half-hour and the pontoon boast which seat up to 10 guests is $45 per half hour. These are all on a first come first serve basis. You can either head right down to the marina or check with the conceirge service at the front desk.

Pirate Adventure Cruise

Children from ages 4 to 12 can have their very own pirate adventure. Found only at a few resorts across the property, your child will go on a 2 hour adventure searching for treasure. The cost rankings from $39.00 to $49.00. Be sure to call (407) 939-7529 to book your child’s spot.

Specialty Cruises

There are a variety of options for a cruise around the seven seas lagoon. You can choose from a 21-foot pontoon ($299 per hour), 25-foot pontoon ($349 per hour) or the 52-foot Grand 1 Yacht ($399 per hour). All of these rentals can be a basic package or ramped up to include specialty dining. Call (407) 939-7529 to make reservations. These cruises can be done during the day or take one a night time to enjoy the fireworks while out on the water.

Movies Under the Stars

Located outside the courtyard pool, relax in the heart of the Grand Floridian Resort by enjoying a Disney favourite. There are chairs provided, but the bugs can be kind of bad so be sure to wear bug spray or long sleeves and pants. These movies are weather dependant.

Fishing Excursions

Go out on the Seven Seas Lagoon and catch and release some fish. You can choose between a 2 hour excursion or a 4 hour excursion. These include a guide and all the tools you’ll need to accomplish a successful fishing outing. You can call ahead at (407) 939-2277 to book or check with the front desk upon arrival.  Prices range from $170 to $455 depending on how long you plan to go, how many people and what time.


Found next to the Gasparilla Island Grill, enjoy some arcade games for young and old. A perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon or evening. Challenge your whole family, or let your tweens and teens have some fun while you relax at the pool or on the Gasparilla patio.

Basketball Courts

There is one half court located beside the Grand Floridian Spa & Health Club. You can borrow a basketball from the health club, the court is available on a first come first serve basis. Find the court by leaving the main lobby and walking by the Beach Pool. Make your way towards the Disney Vacation Club villas at the Grand Floridian Resort. Walk around the building you’ll see a smaller building across the street. You’ll have to walk underneath the monorail to get there.


Head to the beach for a fun campfire. You’ll roast s’mores while looking out at the seven seas lagoon. Find the fire pit on the beach in front of the beach pool. Check your activities sheet upon your arrival for times. These are weather dependant.


The Grand Floridian is a great resort to run at. Being connected to the Polynesian gives you lots of pathways to discover and enjoy. Here are a couple routes I’ve used on past vacations.

Grand Floridian 5k

Grand Floridian 2.5 Miles

Live Music

In the lobby of the Grand Floridian there is much to explore and enjoy. The Grand Floridian Society Orchestra is one and the Lobby Pianist. You can enjoy either by sitting in the lobby or by enjoying a bite to eat or a drink at Mizner’s Lounge. The Orchestra intermittently throughout the evening beginning at 4pm. The pianist begins playing at 3pm and also plays on and off during the afternoon and evening.

Senses- A Disney Spa

Relax at this Senses Spa location on Walt Disney World property. One of two on property. Receive a Facial, Massage, Body Therapy or get your nails done. Or if you really want to indulge, pamper yourself with a full spa package. You can even get a manicure or pedicure for your son or daughter. Be sure to make a reservation ahead of time at 407-939-7727. This spa is located in a separate building, across from the Disney Vacation Club villas. Leave the main building and walk towards the villas. Walk around the western side of the villas and cross the street. You will find yourself at the Spa.

Grand Floridian Moment

Not to be missed. Witness Prince Charming escort Cinderella down the grand staircase to the main lobby. They then enjoy a waltz together. This happens weekdays around 3:15pm. Even if you are vacationing without kids or with older children, it’s a unique and special moment to witness outside of the parks.


There are three golf course located close to the Grand Floridian.

hen staying on Walt Disney World property the price ranges depending on the time of day and the time of year. For 18 holes anytime before 3pm $99-115, after 3pm $72-85 and after 4pm $52-65. A great deal is the Sunrise 9. Golf 9 holes for $35-39 and receive a breakfast sandwich. Great way to go golfing without spending your whole day on the golf course. Call (407) 939-4653 to make a tee time. Golf carts must be used on these courses and golf attire is required.

Health Club

The health club is located in the spa, directly across from the Villas at the Grand Floridian Resort. The hours vary throughout the week. 9am- 6pm Monday-Thursday and 8am-8pm Friday-Sunday. There are free weights and cardio equipment but the scenery is so beautiful do yourself a favour and get your workout in by going for a run or walk between the Grand Floridian and the Polynesian resorts.

Personal Touch

In conclusion, this resort is beautiful. The grounds are well cared for and it has certainly been the top of the line resort on Disney property for decades. With endless options for dining and shopping you don’t even need to leave your resort area to find the things you are looking for. It’s an ideal location for a vacation spent at the Magic Kingdom. In my personal opinion, it’s a little dated and it is far away from all other parks. But if you’ve been a fan of Walt Disney World for years it may be on that bucket list and let me tell you, you will enjoy every moment of it. I’m thrilled we stayed there on our honeymoon and plan on going back someday with our kids.

Happy Planning.