Pools: Zero-Depth Entry

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At every resort on Walt Disney World property you will find a pool. While some of these pools are your normal, run of the mill hotel pool, with stairs to enter in on each side and the shallow end being approximately 3 feet. There are also a number of zero-depth entry pools to be found at a variety of different resorts. A zero-depth entry pool is like a pool you would find at a water park or even when you are at a beach. You can walk into the pool from the ground. As you walk into the pool it gets deeper and deeper. So at the entrance of the pool your feet are just covered with water. It progressively gets deeper. These pools are revolutionary for parents with littles or kids who are not super comfortable in the water. You can sit and play in these pools with the smallest of children and be sure they are safe. They can sit and splash and enjoy a day at the pool. It’s also great if you don’t love getting submerged in the water. You don’t even have to have a bathing suit on. Walk as deep as you want. Gone are the days of sitting on the edge of the pool with your feet dangling over. This has become a must for our family until our kids are a little bit older. They’re at the point now where they are getting confident in the water but they don’t have the skills yet. With the zero-depth entry they can “swim” on their hands with a life jacket on. The first time we came upon one of these pools was a pool-hopping day on our daughter’s first vacation. We pool hopped over to Kidani Village and enjoyed a few hours at their zero-depth entry pool. It allowed my husband and I to interact more with our daughter and gave her some freedom in the water. In any other style pool we had to carry her around, which gets old very quickly. So if you’re in the middle of trying to find out which resort you’re going to stay at during your next Disney vacation I strongly suggest one of the resorts with a zero-depth entry pool. If you’ve already booked your vacation and you don’t see your resort listed in the list of resorts below then pool hop on a non-park day and see what I’m talking about.

Here are a list of resorts that have zero-depth entry pools:

Magic Kingdom Resort Area

Grand Floridian Resort

Courtyard Pool

Beach Pool

Polynesian Village Resort

Lava Pool *no pool hopping*

Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Bay Cove Pool *no pool hopping*

Epcot Resort Area

Beach Club Resort

Stormalong Bay *no pool hopping*

Yacht Club Resort

Stormalong Bay *no pool hopping*

Caribbean Beach Resort

Fuentes del Morro Pool

Disney Springs Resort Area

Saratoga Springs Resort

High Rock Spring Pool

The Paddock Pool

Animal Kingdom Resort Area

Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village

Samawati Springs Pool *no pool hopping*

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Uzima Springs Pool *no pool hopping*

Happy Planning.